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San Francisco Giants Payroll In 2014 + Contracts Going Forward

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner): & Jeff Kleiner (Org Depth + Payroll Expert – find his website here) [twitter-follow screen_name=’prosportsroster’ show_screen_name=’yes’]

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The Giants won the 2010 World Series with a payroll nowhere near the stratosphere of the top MLB clubs, however escalating salaries have arisen from sustained success (also winning another World Series in 2012).

The franchise now hovers around the $140 – $150 MIL mark for the upcoming campaign.

A lot of this cash has come for simply retaining their own talent.

To start the winter off, the squad signed Tim Lincecum 2 YRs/$35 MIL – and then nailed down Hunter Pence to a 5 YRs/$90 MIL deal. Read the rest of this entry

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