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2015 MLB Hall of Fame Voting: Who Deserves to Get In?

The MLB Hall of Fame will announce which players will be part of the Induction Class of 2015. The question leading up to the announcement is which players make the cut in this loaded group of talent.

The MLB Hall of Fame will announce which players will be part of the Class of 2015. With players such as Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez being added to the ballot this year, the question remains as to which players will ultimately make the final cut this year?

By Nicholas Delahanty (MLB Reports Writer)  

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It is very possible that history is made with regards to this year’s MLB Hall of Fame induction class. In the past, the committee has been hesitant to vote in more than three players in one class, and it has been very rare to see more than three voted in at one time. In the past, the committee voted in four players twice (1947 and 1955) and five players only once (1936- the first year of the voting process).

As the decision day quickly approaches, there is speculation that the BBWAA could possibly end the long drought and elect five players this year. With this year’s ballot having a ton of players who could make a legitimate case to be inducted, I decided to go to the process of picking my own ballot (which doesn’t count for the BBWAA), and after taking the time and effort to research my ballet, I realized that it was a much harder process then I anticipated it would be. 

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A Breakout Year is Coming for Brandon Phillips in 2012

Friday April 6th, 2012

Ryan Ritchey:  Since entering the majors in 2002 Brandon Phillips hasn’t left the state of Ohio. He changed teams though, moving from Cleveland to Cincinnati in 2006. Originally drafted by the Expos in 1999, Phillips never did make it to Canada. There were many reports back in Cleveland that as a youngster, Phillips was trouble in the clubhouse and off the field. So Indians management decided to trade him. Rich Aurilia was the Reds starting second basemen in the ’05 season, who decided to find a better home, so the Reds picked up Brandon Phillips. From opening day in ’06 Phillips has given everything he has to be the best. From the moment he joined Cincy, Phillips has been nothing short of spectacular. A complete change from his reputation going into the trade. Now in 2012, this is the year I believe he will have has his breakout season for Cincinnati. Read the rest of this entry

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