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Who Will Be The Next Superstar Baseball Prospect Called Up?

Following the promotion of Lucas Giolito, MLB’s #1 overall prospect, many people are wondering who and when the next superstar prospect will be called up. There are quite a few people who come to mind when pondering this question. Some of those names include Alex Bregman, Manuel Margot, Alex Reyes, Orlando Arcia, Tyler Glasnow, Aaron Judge, and many more.


It is difficult to predict when a prospect is going to be called up, but it can be even harder to predict if that prospect is going to be a superstar. Every one of those guys listed above have the potential to be something special, but who will make that superstar impact this year? Could it be Alex Bregman taking over third base for the Houston Astros? How about Alex Reyes toeing the rubber in St. Louis? Both of those individuals will be superstars, but they are not who I have in mind.



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