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Yankees Switch Roles at Trade Deadline, Help Fuel Potentially Historic World Series Matchup

Whether you’re a fan of the New York Yankees or not, a couple things are universally known about the organization: they’ve won a lot of World Series titles and normally do whatever it takes to win. The Bronx Bombers could have an impact on the Fall Classic again come October, but not because they’re participating in it.

Actually deciding to be a seller at the MLB trade deadline wasn’t the shocking part. Given their average play, it made sense for general manager Brian Cashman to trade Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller (among others) when their perceived value was high. However, helping the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians – two teams suffering through very long championship droughts – possibly get over the hump was a rather interesting twist.

It’s been a while since either of these organizations reached the pinnacle of the sport, but they each have reason to believe this is the year it comes to an end.



Check out These 5 Franchise-Altering MLB Trades that Almost Happened

Sometimes, the best trades are the ones you don’t make. That couldn’t ring more true for what we’re about to talk about.

The trade deadline is literally right around the corner and things are starting to get interesting. With new rumors surfacing every 20 seconds, it’s easy to get lost on social media in order to follow along. It’s also harder for teams to keep these negotiations as private as they used to, which makes their jobs a little more difficult.

This couldn’t have been more evident over the past year with potential deals that fell through with the general public looking on. Situations involving Wilmer FloresBrandon PhillipsMichael Saunders and Jay Bruce were just some of the ones we’ve recently watched break down right in front of our eyes.

After seeing a number of trades fall apart in a short period of time, what about old proposed trades that never happened, but would’ve been ridiculous if they did? I was led to the following five near-deals that had the power to transform the looks of every franchise involved.


Potential NL Trade Candidates


By Jordan Gluck

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As we approach the trade deadline many names are becoming apparent for their availability as their teams have fallen out of contention or sense payroll issues. Injuries trade potential needs per destination and combine that with salary concerns and their upcoming record there is a wide amount of questionability with who will be traded.

The way this year is shaping out there seems to be few candidates and very few bats especially. There is a tremendous amount of parity in the league right now so it definitely looks like a sellers market.

Anyway we might as well take a look. *Stats as of May 20th* Read the rest of this entry

Miami Marlins Trade Ricky Nolasco to the Dodgers

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Monday, July 8th, 2013

Ricky Nolasco had been in the Miami organization since the Marlins traded Juan Pierre to the Cubs for him and others in 2005.

Ricky Nolasco had been in the Miami organization since the Marlins traded Juan Pierre to the Cubs for him and others in 2005.

Sam Evans (Baseball Writer and Marlins, Mariners Correspondent):  

On Saturday afternoon, the Marlins made a move they have actively been trying to make for quite some time. Miami finally was able to trade 30-year-old starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, sitting at third place in the N.L. West at 41-45, surrendered three pitching prospects to acquire him; two relievers and one highly touted starter in High Class A.

The move makes sense for the Dodgers because they need an innings-eater like Nolasco and he has always been very successful in the N.L. West.

The Marlins dump part of a huge contract and acquire a few interesting prospects. Considering that a move like this was inevitable for the Marlins, they didn’t do all that bad.

Angel Sanchez Prospect Video, Los Angeles Dodgers

Read the rest of this entry

2012 Trade Deadline Update #2 7/23: Ichiro in Pinstripes, Anibal and Omar to the Tigers?

Monday July 23rd, 2012

Bernie Olshansky: Over the past few hours, a couple of big trades have gone down. Here’s my take on them: 

Ichiro to the Yankees

Wow. What a day. At about seven p.m. EDT, the Mariners and Yankees announced a swap that involved Ichiro for two minor league pitchers and cash. Sure I expected some blockbuster trades, but this? Ichiro was an icon for the Mariners. He broke the all-time hits in a season record for the Mariners and helped them win 116 games in 2001. Ichiro was an excellent player to say the least. He hit .322 over his 12 seasons with the Mariners and will most likely enter the Hall of Fame. But, over the past two years, he’s lost a little bit of luster. He’s slowed down a bit due to his age, and has stopped hitting over .300. Last year he hit .272 and had less than 200 hits for the first time in his career. This season, he’s hit an even worse .261. The Mariners have struggled over the past years and were definitely in need of a move. They acquired Jesus Montero from the Yankees this offseason in a trade for Michael Pineda, but Montero hasn’t exactly caught fire. Read the rest of this entry

Padres to Sign or Trade Carlos Quentin: Decision Time in San Diego

Tuesday June 12, 2012

John Burns:  The Padres who are in last place in the NL West and 18.5 games back of the first place L.A. Dodgers have obviously struggled tremendously in the 2012 season so far.

The Padres have seen some positives in this awful season and the most notable is the emergence of Carlos Quentin. The San Diego native Quentin has been on a tear since being activated from the Disabled List; in 10 games, Quentin is hitting .429 with 5 homers. Quentin has quickly become one of the Padres best players and a hot trade commodity.

Carlos Quentin is making $7 million for the 2012 season and becomes a free agent in 2013. So if the Padres want to lock up there “hometown hero”, it will have to be fairly soon. With the trade deadline coming up in July, Quentin has been a commonly referred to name on the trade block since coming back from knee surgery.

San Diego will have to make a tough decision in the coming weeks on the future of Carlos Quentin. With Petco Park being such a harsh park for power hitters, the Padres might want to lock up their superstar while he’s producing. It is very hard for the Padres front office to convince power hitters to sign with San Diego because of the unforgiving dimensions of Petco Park. So it may be easier for the Padres to get Quentin because he is a native of San Diego and is a fan favorite. Plus, his swing seems to be tailor-made for Petco, as one of the few hitters to enjoy hitting in San Diego. If the Padres were serious on signing the 29 year-old star outfielder it could cost between $45-60 million and 4-6 years.

There are plenty of ball clubs that would inquire on Quentin if he was made available at the deadline. His trade value keeps rising the more games he plays and his power numbers stay consistent. Quentin has struggled to stay healthy in his career; He hasn’t played in more than 130 games since 2010 with the Chicago White Sox. If the Padres were to trade Quentin it would be for 1 to 2 top prospects. Some teams would view Quentin much like the San Francisco Giants did last year with Carlos Beltran, the best hitter available at last year’s deadline as a rental player. If Quentin gets traded his new team though would not receive compensation if he leaves, which could further hurt his trade value.

In my opinion Carlos Quentin’s days in San Diego are numbered. The Padres are currently in a rebuilding stage, so it would not make much sense if San Diego signed Quentin who is 29-year-old when they could easily trade him for a pair of top prospects. The Padres could acquire better prospects trading Quentin then they had to give up to acquire Quentin in the first place. Contending ball clubs will keep a very close eye on Quentin as the season progresses and if he continues to play very well his value will just continue to rise.

Meet our newest Baseball Intern – John Burns:  I am a highschool junior, play 1st base and catcher. I am a diehard Phillies fan. I  was born in Philadelphia but now live in Virginia. I come from a huge baseball family and just love the game. My cousin was drafted by the New York Mets in the 2008 MLB draft. My favorite players are Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, and Ryan Howard. I tweet all the time andyou can follow me on twitter (@JohnBurns_MLB)

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Top 5 Closers Available at July 31 MLB Trade Deadline

Friday July 22, 2011


MLB reports:   The MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline is rapidly approaching.  With only nine days to go, MLB teams need to decide if they are buyers or sellers.  Right up until July 31st deadline, the baseball world will be buzzing on potential deals.  While transactions can occur after July 31st, the respective players will need to first pass through waivers, which makes trades more difficult to happen.  Especially in the category of closers, who are sought after by almost every team.  Whether to obtain a 9th inning stopper or upgrade their middle relief, the majority of MLB teams are currently on the prowl.

There are some contending teams would love to add a closer, including the Rangers and Cardinals.  The host of other teams battling for a playoff spot are ready to take a current closer to pitch the 7th or 8th inning.  To win today in baseball, you usually need 2-3 closer-type pitchers in your pen.  The Brewers recently added Francisco Rodriguez to compliment John Axford.  The New York Yankees signed Rafael Soriano to pitch in front of Mariano Rivera, although David Robertson has since grabbed the role.  True closers will always be in demand and teams with playoff aspirations will always find room for these guys on their rosters.

As the line between buyers and sellers becomes less blurry, we take a look today at the top five closer candidates to be traded by the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline:


1)  Heath Bell:  San Diego Padres

The Rolls Royce of available closers, the Padres are talking to teams on a daily, if not hourly basis on the availability of Heath Bell.  Nearly every team has been linked to Bell in the past few days, from the Rangers, Cardinals, Phillies, Red Sox, Jays and Tigers.  The prize of the closing market, expect the Padres to demand a king’s ransom for his services.  At least two top prospects, with one being major league ready should get this deal done.  With 28 saves and a 2.45 ERA, the 33-year old Bell is having another fantastic campaign before his impending free agency.  The Rangers and Cardinals are most in need of a closer, with the Rangers the most likely destination based on availability of prospects.  The Rangers have the superior farm system and could match up best with the Padres.  The Phillies and Jays are the dark horses according to reports and need to decide if they are willing to pay the price.


2)  Brandon League:  Seattle Mariners

A first time All-Star in 2011, Brandon League has raised his stock this year and given the Mariners an interesting trade chip to work with at the deadline.  League has chipped in 23 saves already this year, with a 3.35 ERA and 1.088 WHIP.  With a team friendly contract and under team control for another season, League should draw much interest on the market.  St. Louis seems like a logical choice, as the Cardinals will be looking for a long-term solution to their closing woes.  I cannot see the Mariners dealing in their division and having to face League next year with the Rangers.  A top prospect or two middle prospects should make this one happen.  With the Mariners far out of contention and in complete rebuild mode, a top closer seems like a luxury that the Mariners cannot afford at the moment.  The Mariners need offensive help and need it quickly, with League being one of many candidates likely to leave Seattle by July 31st to replenish the farm system.


3)  Frank Francisco, Jon RauchOctavio Dotel, Jason Frasor:  Toronto Blue Jays

If Heath Bells is a Rolls Royce, the Blue Jays are running a used Ford dealership in their bullpen.  Frank Francisco is like a used mustang with transmission problems, while Jon Rauch is a pickup truck without the V8 engine.  The Jays have assembled a collection of the middle-of-the-road closers and setup men this year in their bullpen.  Francisco will likely draw the most attention, despite his mostly awful numbers this year.  At 31-years of age and throwing big time heat, Francisco still has potential.  Rauch has served as the Jays closer for much of the year and could be in demand as well.  Octavio Dotel, the eldest member of the pack, has bounced around during his major league career and could be a useful trade deadline pickup.  The most effective reliever though for the Jays has been Jason Frasor and a smart team should consider him.  While the Jays are unlikely to offer any true closers to contending teams, there are middle relief candidates to be had.  Expect the Phillies to come calling and pickup one of the above.


4)  Kevin Gregg:  Baltimore Orioles

For those teams that like to play with fire, closers don’t get more dangerous than Kevin Gregg.  A 4.00 ERA and unsightly 1.583 WHIP are not numbers that scream out lock-down closer.  Gregg has shown though the ability to get hot at times during his career and will be considered by many teams over the next week.  Signed through next year, the Orioles will look mainly for salary relief in shedding Gregg’s contract.  Personally, I wouldn’t consider Gregg if I was running a team.  But somehow he will likely move by July 31st.


5)  Leo Nunez:  Florida Marlins

Another up-and-down closer in the Gregg mold, Leo Nunez is quietly having a very solid season for the Florida Marlins.  Up to 27 saves, with a 3.22 ERA and 1.187 WHIP, Nunez might actually be the best affordable option on the closers market.  The Rangers and Cardinals will sniffing around here, as will the Red Sox, Indians and Tigers.  As the Marlins and Tigers have matched up well before in trades, I can see this swap happening.  The Tigers have the ability to surrender a decent pitching prospect and can use Nunez down the stretch as Valverde insurance.  With the Tigers in contention and the majority of their bullpen being fairly unstable for most of the year, Nunez might be a late inning option that the the Tigers can ill-afford to miss out on.


Send us your comments and opinions on available closers for the trade deadline.  Other names thrown around have been Joakim Soria, Matt Capps, Joe Nathan, Andrew Bailey and Brian Fuentes.  The trading of players, especially closers, is especially reliant on the competitiveness and status of a team in the standings.  With so many teams still in their respective races, there are not as many top bullpen arms available at this point in the season.  But come August, as more teams continue to drop out, expect to see even more trade activity.  Exciting times, as the MLB pennant races continue to heat up, and baseball trade talk is on everyone’s lips.



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