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Washington Nationals Payroll In 2017 + Contracts Going Forward

People can throw stones on Mike Rizo all they want- but the GM has never lost a trade ever, and he ensured the club reeeived

People can throw stones on Mike Rizzo all they want- but the GM has never lost a trade ever, and he ensured the club received a Starting CF in Adam Eaton to the tune of only $38.4 MIL over the nxxt 5 years – even if it cost a boatload of prospects.  This is part to compensate balloon payments on the horizon that are due to both Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg.  The club is projected to spend around $154 MIL on salary in 2015, but that is without a proven closer.  The real question is how far the club will go in money to win in the next 2 seasons before Bryce Harper is a Free Agent?

With the rest of the MLB landscape just obliterating Mike Rizzo for the Adam Eaton trade i will defend him on the caveat that he spends the full amount of available funds saved – in order to take a run at the World Series for the next 2 years while Bryce Harper is still on the club.

At this point. it is a long shot that the DC franchise will be able to retain the 2015 NL MVP’s services as the Nationals already have Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg to historical contracts (both top 20).

Washington sees Jayson Werth finally come off the books after this next year.  While he will have earned $126 MIL from 2011 – 2017 in his total contract, the club can’t point to this as the worst deal on the club currently.

Ryan Zimmerman is still owed at least $47 MIL over the next 3 years – and has seen his production slip for the last few years.

The Max Scherzer contract does pay him $210 MIL over 7 years (in which he is now in year 3)  – however this is deferred over 14 years, so the club can conduct more flexibility in their contracts for the next few years.

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