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Doc Adams (Hall Of Fame Candidate) On Pre-Integration Era Hall Of Fame Ballot

doc adams

Cathy Ratzenberger (Guest Writer)

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Doc Adams on Pre-Integration Era Hall of Fame Ballot

One of the early pioneers of the game of baseball is one step closer to enshrinement at the Baseball Hall of Fame as the Pre-Integration Era Committee has selected Daniel Lucius “Doc”Adams as one of its 10 finalists.

This important step in the process has been championed by Adams’ great-granddaughters Marjorie Adams of Connecticut and Nancy Adams Downey of New York City.  For the past several years they have embarked on a passionate journey to have Doc Adams recognized for his contributions to and achievements in the game of baseball.

It is easy to see why an unassuming doctor who referred to his marriage as his “crowning achievement” may have been overlooked for so long as a founding father of baseball.

Yet on October 5th, the Hall of Fame recognized the numerous contributions made by Adams both on and off the field. Read the rest of this entry

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