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Establishing The Freddie Freeman Trade Market


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Onwer) 

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First of all, I think the Braves would be out of their minds to Freddie Freeman this winter – or even for a few years.  This club will need some some semblance of a team heading into their new stadium in Cobb County, GA next year.

I mean what is the problem, having  a First Baseman in his prime with a Career Slash of .285/.366/.466 – with 22 HRs and 91 RBI per 162 Game Average? Nothing.

Then again, maybe the team just wants to go clean slate with a full rebuild.  I get that.  Kind of like the Houston Astros did recently.

Truth of the matter is, Freeman could command more on the open market than a 6 YR deal worth $118.5 MIL.  But at $20 MIL per year still looming, it may be a tall order for some clubs to come up with that 9 figure sum. Read the rest of this entry

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