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DraftKings Daily Lineups For Sat May 18 2019


By MLB Reports

DraftKings has an awesome new game option called “Tiers”, It lets you select all your players without any salary cap per position all.  Instead, you pick one batter from 6 different boxes to choose from – in which 4 – 9 players appear per tier.  This is a great new contest selection for those who hate having to value shop 2 pitchers and all positions from 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C and 3 OF positions.

Just select the Game Mode “Tiers” in the Lobby

Here is the strategy we are using for gameplay tonight.  The reason why we wheel all of our players with the other players in our lists is to maximize our chance to win a GPP

For every tier, we are ranking the top two players from each.  We will then wheel all of those players with each other for 16 – 64 total scenarios.  The key is to wheel all scenarios and then if a contest doesn’t fill the quota – you find a few other contests to do so.  

Today we are wheeling 2 different players per tier – except for Tier 4 where we are using Manny Machado on every roster – which will give us 32 different rosters. Mike Trout, Christian YelichMichael BrantleyFreddie Freeman, Jorge PolancoAdalberto Mondesi, Mike Moustakas, Ronald Acuna Jr. are the players we are using tonight along with Machado.

We are playing in the 1189 entry contest called the Knuckleball for $5 per roster.  32 entries in total.

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