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The Kings of Pop: Who Are The Five Best Home Run Hitters In Each League?

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Wednesday July 24th, 2013 

Crush Davis

The Home Run might be the most exciting aspect of baseball, and this year we have some players who are definitely spoiling us with the shows they have been putting on so far. One of these players is Chris Davis. Davis lead the American League in Home Runs at the All-Star break but he is not the only player who has enjoyed going yard numerous times this season. Who are the best Home Run hitters in the league right now? Here’s my thoughts:

By Dan Wanser (MLB Reports Writer) 

Whether you’re a casual fan who just enjoys watching whatever games on or you’re a diehard who eats, sleeps, and breathes the game we can all agree that everyone loves the longball.

This season, numerous players are entertaining us by showing off their power whenever they can with some mid-game fireworks.

From the big names like Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera to the rising stars in Yoenis Cespedes and we definitely have some powerhouse hitters who are fun to watch.

So who are the best Home Run hitters in the game today? Lets rank them:

Chris Davis 2013 Home Runs:

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