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Texas Rangers Facing Same Roster Uncertainties In 2016 As They Did In 2015

Jim Cowsert, USA TODAY Sports

Jim Cowsert, USA TODAY Sports

Matt Musico (Featured BBBA Writer/Owner – 

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With a shaky starting rotation and a rookie manager leading the way, few MLB analysts picked the 2015 Texas Rangers to make noise in the American League West…especially following a disastrous 67-95 record.

Their perceived postseason chances only sunk lower once Yu Darvish was lost for the year due to Tommy John surgery.

That’s why they play the game, though.

Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo bounced back from injuries, the starting rotation held together long enough before trading for Cole Hamels, and before we realized it, this team was crowned division champs with an 88-74 record.

Despite this unlikely turnaround and most of the same guys coming back for another year, both FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus project them to finish with a record below .500 in 2016.

These projections were released before Ian Desmond signed to be their left fielder, but it’s doubtful there’d be a significant change.



The ‘PECOTA’ System For MLB Team Win Projections Should Be Thrown Into The ‘Woodchipper’ Fargo Style!

I wish the "PECOTA" system allowed for wagers based on their totals like Atlantis Casino did last week. Plenty of cabbage would be flung around on those totals

I wish the “PECOTA” system allowed for wagers based on their totals like Atlantis Casino did last week. Plenty of cabbage would be flung around on those totals.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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This winter has brought my attention to the gambling world more often than I ever would have guessed.  I already spent an impromptu weekend in Reno/Carson City after throwing down some serious cabbage at Atlantis Casino based on their over/unders last week.

I have been fortunate to nail down two straight years in which I have turned a $1000 profit on MLB futures.  For those people who have been following our Gambling 101 series of bets, this is one of the best streaks I have been on all – time, and maybe it will end with me ‘letting it ride’ this year, but I am also confident it won’t.

I only wish that PECOTA’s win totals (BY BP) would come with the ability to win moolah just like Atlantis offered.

Oh, where to begin.  LOL. Read the rest of this entry

The Padres May Never Compete With the Dodgers Financially, But They Are Making Strides

Tuesday November 27th, 2012

Jake Dal Porto (Baseball Writer):

The Padres seem poised to eventually become mild-spenders. For an organization that’s highest payroll since 2002 has been roughly $73 million (in 2008), moving up in the spending chain would certainly be good for a change. This transformation could come as soon as 2013 or maybe a few years down the road.

But let’s be sure of something—the Padres have a steep hill to climb before they can compete with the Los Angeles Dodgers in terms of financial freedom. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be able to compete with the newly labeled ‘Yankees’ of the West coast, but it surely prevents them from signing talented free agents. The A’s and Orioles are a pair of most recent teams to win on a cheaper payroll, while the Rays have been the very definition of that over the past few years. Read the rest of this entry

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