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2 And A Hook Podcast #13: MLB Reports State Of The Union Address + MLB Fancave Top 7 Finalist Aaron Roberts

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Friday, Aug.16 2013

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‘2 And A Hook’ is an expression from Baseball:  ‘Throw the guy 2 Fast balls and then a Hook’ (AKA Curve Ball, Wiggly one, Chair etc..)

By James Acevedo – Host (Podcast Veteran )

Guests On The Show:

On today’s show, brought to you by 

& yours truly The Bench Warmers Show.

  I start off with the new replay rules that mlb wants to put in starting next season in 2014.

Chuck Booth (16 minute mark and a 40 Minute Segment) calls in on his segment to talk about the HUGE changes that are taking place on the MLB Reports website so make sure you all check that out!!

Also I got to talk to Thomas Aaron Roberts (1 hour in and 50 minutes) )

Roberts was one of the last 7 MLB Fancave Dwellers & was our first LA Dodgers correspondent back in the infancy of MLB Reports!!

We talked about his experience in the MLB Fancave, all of the ball players he met & advice on being a MLB Fancave Dweller for future contestants…

then we get into about his team the Dodgers & if he thinks they have a chance to go to the World Series!!

Plus i get into my future award winning segment & everyone’s favorite Stats & Facts so pull up a chair, download/play this podcast & SPREAD THE WORD!!! Thank you all for your continuous support!!!

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2 And A Hook Podcast #13

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