Opening Day Or First Pitches I Wish I’d Already Seen

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Thursday May.30, 2013

 Mitt Romney Even Practices Throwing the First Pitch in the Spring Training with Snowballs.

Jason Alpert-Wisnia: (MLB Reports Kids Writer – visit his website here )

Baseball’s Opening Day is long gone and passed already and I’m a little bit late, and one of the biggest baseball traditions has already done; The Opening Day Pitch.

This pitch marks the starting of the season, and the beginning of the game for the team, and is always thrown by someone of great importance to the home team.

Also, throughout the year, there still are Pitches later that aren’t as important as the Opening Day Pitch, but are still very inetresting and fun and uplifting.

This Opening Day 2013, people such as Joe Torre for the Cincinnati Reds & (Former Staff Sergeant and Winner of the Medal of Honor Award) Clint Romesh for the Washington Nationals.

But this year, many teams Ceremonial First Pitches let me down, and weren’t as good or funny as I wished. So here are some of the people I wished had thrown Opening Day pitches for certain teams this season.

Perhaps no more opening pitch was important as the 1st pitch in New York City post the 9/11 Attacks.  George Bush threw a perfect streak and te crowd was sent into a frenzy at Yankee Stadium

Perhaps no more opening pitch was important as the 1st pitch in New York City post the 9/11 Attacks. George Bush threw a perfect strike and the crowd was sent into a frenzy at Yankee Stadium.  Later when the Montreal Expos moved to Washington, Bush through out several Opening day pitches in D.C,

Mitt Romney Pitches for the Detroit Tigers:

After loosing the 2012 Presidential Election to president Barack Obama, Mitt Romney might go for president AGAIN in 2016. So, in order to start up his campaign with a early head start, Mitt would have pitched the Ceremonial Opening Day pitch for the Detroit Tigers, so he could start the Presidential Race in his hometown, to start getting supporters and followers for his campaign.

But overall, nobody would really care about it, since maybe I’m estimating 45% of the people that go to ballparks are kids, who can’t even vote AT ALL!

a   mitt romney

Sarah Palin Pitches for the Seattle Mariners:

a   sarah palin

Since John McCain lost the 2008 Presidential Election to president Barack Obama, his VP Sarah Palin has become a piece of Pop Culture, for all the bad reasons. And since Alaska has no major league baseball team, and the closest American team is the Seattle Mariners, so she would have thrown the Ceremonial First Pitch for the Seattle Mariners, since she really DOES NOT understand the idea of why she is famous, so it would be funny to see her throw a Ceremonial First Pitch.

Lance Armstrong and Rafael Palmeiro Pitch for the Texas Rangers:

a lance armstrong

Lance Armstrong and Rafael Palmeiro both are Texans who either were born in Texas or were big parts of Texas, but they truly, they are both known for taking performance taking drugs, and ruining the dreams of thousands of innocent people who looked up to them as idols.

So as a way to loose the bad opinions of the public, Lance and Rafael would throw the Opening Day Ceremonial Opening Day Pitch together, inorder to get back the good opinion of the public again. So based on this pitch, it could bring these two GIANT CHEATING ABILITY FAKING LYING SPORTS PLAYERS out of the place of ignorance and shame placed upon them.

Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford Pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Character:

After Chadwick Boseman played as Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford played as Branch Rickey in the movie 42, a documentary about the first African-American baseball player.

So in honor of the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s rookie season of 1947, Chadwich and Harrison would pitch the Ceremonial Opening Day Pitch, in costume and character, like in the movie, in honor of these two extremely famous people from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ franchise, to show our appreciation for these players in the fight for equality, by throwing the Ceremonial Opening Day Pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Deion Sanders “Pitches” for the San Francisco Giants:

This Football great and OK outfielder led a double life in major league sports in the USA, playing both Baseball and Football in the Major Leagues.

His careers in both sports were good, but in Football his stats show that he was better in football, but he was OK still in Baseball. So for his career on both the Giants and the 49ers, Deion Sanders gets to pitch the Ceremonial Opening Day Pitch, but if he pitched, he would actually throw a football for the pitch, rather than a baseball, to show his passion for playing sports in San Francisco, in both the NFL and the MLB.

Although this is only five of the many pitches I wished would’ve happened, there are many more that I wished I could have seen. But thankfully, we always have the 2014 Opening Day Ceremonial First Pitches to see these, or even just First Pitches sometime during this season. Overall, I can see infinite possibilities of interesting, funny, and uplifting First Pitches that would’ve happened; or could happen!

Dodgers' part owner Magic Johnson, Rachel Robinson and '42' star Harrison Ford during the Dodgers' Jackie  Robinson Day pre-game celebration on April 15, 2013.

Dodgers’ part owner Magic Johnson, Rachel Robinson and ’42’ star Harrison Ford during the Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson Day pre-game celebration on April 15, 2013.

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Jason is the son of Boston Red Sox Author Saul Wisnia.  He is 12 years old and loves the Red Sox too.  His dad tells him routinely that he has been spoiled as a Boston fan ( 2 World Series before the age of 7).  He has designed, performed the layout and edited his own written work at his personal website .

Jason is the 2nd kid writer for us at the MLB Reports (1st is Haley Smilow).  You can find everything he posts on the MLB Reports on a page we call ‘JAWS Of Wisnia’ here   Jason likes the nickname of ‘JAWS’ because his initials are JAW. 

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