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2015 Final MLB Attendances + Analysis


Chuck Booth (Owner/Lead  Analyst) 

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Attendance was up 162, 221 fans over the 2014 total, or 0.2%. The same five teams topped over 3 Million fans in 2015 as did in 2014. Dodgers, Cards, Giants, Yankees and Angels.

Philadelphia lost almost 600K fans year over year – and were the MLB’s club with the worst fall.

Oakland had that distinction the AL – taking a hit of 235K – amongst their 1st non playoff year in 4 seasons.

The World Series Royals set an all time franchise record for attendance in 2015, and had the biggest climb at the turnstiles at +752K.  The club rounded out the top 10 for the MLB as well.

The Mets had the best jump in attendance at 420K in the NL.  The other teams to eclipse a 400K jump were the Toronto Blue Jays (419K) Houston Astros (401K).  All 3 teams made the postseason. Read the rest of this entry

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