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Analytics Were Much Simpler Back in the Day

A Tribute to Oakland Athletics HOF Pitcher Vida Blue | Chapter 60

With tight budgets and rebuilding on the horizon, many MLB teams already find themselves in the basement of their respective divisions. This includes the Tigers, Royals, A’s, Nationals, Red, Giants and Rockies. Is there hope for these teams with potential MLB expansion on the horizon? Plus Shohei Ohtani is off to an incredible start to the season. Is there a chance he re-signs with the Angels in the off-season?

How Valuable is Bryce Harper to the Phillies

Bryce Harper Beats the Odds and Stars in His 2023 Return from Tommy John Surgery | Chapter 59

After a Cinderella run in 2022, the Philadelphia Phillies had an uphill battle to start the 2023 season. Now with Bryce Harper back in less than 6 months from Tommy John surgery, the Phillies have their emotional leader back. How much does Bryce mean to the team? And can Schwarber and Castellanos hold down the fort in the outfield full-time this season for the Phillies?

The 2023 Tampa Bay Rays Are Very Special

How to Fix the 2023 New York Yankees | Chapter 58

In life, there are supposed to be 3 certainties: death, taxes and the Yankees contending in the AL East. In 2023, the Yankees find themselves in last place after the first month of the season. What is going on? In today’s episode, we look at Aaron Hicks, Carlos Rodon, Harrison Bader and the mounting injuries the Yankees are facing. Can they catch the Rays this year?

Shohei Ohtani Might Re-Sign With the Angels

The Oakland A’s Relocation to Las Vegas & MLB Expansion to Utah | Chapter 57

With tight budgets and rebuilding on the horizon, many MLB teams already find themselves in the basement of their respective divisions. This includes the Tigers, Royals, A’s, Nationals, Red, Giants and Rockies. Is there hope for these teams with potential MLB expansion on the horizon? Plus Shohei Ohtani is off to an incredible start to the season. Is there a chance he re-signs with the Angels in the off-season?

The Secret Formula of the Tampa Bay Rays Revealed

The Tampa Bay Rays Are Buying Into the System | Chapter 56

Led by WBC hero Randy Arozarena, Yandy Diaz, Shane McClanahan, Drew Rasmussen and Brandon Lowe, the Tampa Bay Rays opened the MLB season with a 13-0 record. With 60% of their rotation on the IR, is this performance sustainable? How do the Rays manage to field competitive teams every year on such a tight budget? Find out today what is in their secret sauce!

Brett Baty Pressure for Playing With the Mets

Brett Baty is the Next David Wright for the Mets? | Chapter 55

New York Mets fans are excited for the call-up of the next hype prospect, as Brett Baty makes his MLB return this month. After hitting a home run in both his first major league at-bat last year and at spring training this year, Baty’s bat has been crushing the ball consistently. Is Baty the next David Wright to place 3B for the Mets? It sounds like the Mets are ready to transition from Eduardo Escobar—is this the right call?

Was Randy Arozarena the 2023 WBC MVP?

Randy Arozarena Shined Plus the Heros & Upsets 2023 WBC | Chapter 54

The 2023 World Baseball Classic was filled with many twists and turns. Team Dominican Republic as heavy favorites was bounced early in the tournament. Puerto Rico lost Edwin Diaz after celebrating their big win. Team Mexico, Venezuela, Israel, Australia and Italy all showed well in the tournament. 4 teams also have to re-qualify. Who is your pick to win the next WBC in 2026? Will it be Japan, Dominican Republic or the United States yet again?

Shohei Ohtani Striking Out Mike Trout in the WBC Finals

Japan Won the 2023 World Baseball Classic & Shohei Ohtani MVP | Chapter 53

The 2023 World Baseball Classic will go down in history as one of the best of all-time! Japan went undefeated in the tournament and captured their 3rd WBC title. Led by 2023 WBC MVP Shohei Ohtani, team Japan battled hard against Mexico in the semi-finals, before defeating the United States in the finals. With Ohtani striking out Mike Trout to end the game, we witnessed a historical baseball moment. Steve Karsay provides all the insights on why Shohei Ohtani did not start the finals game and how he is truly a once in a generation talent.

Steve Karsay Has a Future in MLB Broadcasting

The 2023 MLB Season Comes Down to Injuries & the Pitch Clock? | Chapter 52

The 2023 MLB Season is finally here! With Opening Day in the books, Steve Karsay & The Chosen Lawyer review key factors to consider this season. We dig today into the importance of injury reports, the effect of the pitch clock, when to make MLB playoff predictions, the struggle of AAA players, future of the automated strike zone and the advantages/disadvantages of playing in the World Baseball Classic!

Comparing Oakland Coliseum to The Trop

How Bad is the Oakland Coliseum For an MLB Game? | Chapter 51

In today’s MLB, Oakland and Tampa Bay constantly rank at the bottom of the list of MLB stadiums. While the Trop was always seen as an inferior stadium, the Oakland Coliseum was a top ballpark back in its day. Steve Karsay shares fond memories, including recording his first and last MLB wins at the Coliseum. And why Oakland fans deserve more baseball love!

Robot Umpires Will Destroy MLB

Alternative Careers to Professional Baseball Player | Chapter 50

From a young age, Steve Karsay drove by Shea Stadium and said out loud that he would one day become an MLB pitcher. Through manifestation, Steve made his dream come true! But what if baseball was not in the cards for Steve? Today, Steve Karsay reflects on alternate career choices—his answers will shock you!

The Evolution of the MLB Dress Code on the Road

Evolution of the MLB Dress Code & Spring Training Storylines | Chapter 49

With spring training well underway—Steve Karsay and The Chosen Lawyer take a look at some of the key storylines to follow! We also look back at MLB dress codes on the road and the decision to be away from the game!

Karim Garcia on the Canada Mexico WBC Brawl

World Baseball Classic Legend Karim Garcia on playing for Team Mexico WBC | Chapter 48

Karim Garcia played for Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic in 2006, 2009 and 2013. In today’s chapter, Karim shares his insights on Team Mexico, his favorite WBC moments, scouting the 2023 WBC tournament and which teams have the best chance to come out on top

Hideki Matsui Recommended Me to Play Baseball in Japan

Karim Garcia Describes His Complete Baseball Life Journey | Chapter 47

Karim Garcia is a baseball lifer after playing 24+ years of professional baseball across several continents. In today’s chapter, Karim joins Steve Karsay & The Chosen Lawyer to discuss his baseball life journey from signing with the Dodgers at age 16 to wrapping up his baseball career in 2016. Karim Garcia played for many teams and wore many numbers along the way. Find out the real Karim Garcia story!

Karim Garcia on the Pedro Martinez Yankees 2003 ALCS Brawl

MLB Teammates Karim Garcia & Steve Karsay Reunited After 20+ Years | Chapter 46

Karim Garcia & Steve Karsay played together with the Cleveland Guardians (Indians) as well as the New York Yankees between 2001-2003! Today, the former MLB teammates reunite for the first time in over 20 years to discuss baseball memories! The real story behind the Yankees Red Sox 2003 ALCS brawl with Pedro Martinez, the feeling of playing the Marlins in the World Series and even the famous Garcia quote from the movie Moneyball!

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