MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 4/26/21

By MLB Reports

DraftKings has an awesome new game option called “Tiers”, It lets you select all your players without any salary cap per position all.  Instead, you pick one batter from 6 different boxes to choose from – in which 4 – 9 players appear per tier.  This is a great new contest selection for those who hate having to value shop 2 pitchers and all positions from 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C and 3 OF positions.

Here is the strategy we are using for gameplay every niight.  The reason why we wheel all of our players with the other players in our lists is to maximize our chance to win a GPP.

We pick two players on every single ticket and then wheel the other four tiers with 2 players we like each.  We designate one player we like the best as the home team and the 2nd seed goes as the visitor.

We play all the contests that have 20 roster limits.  Obviously we don’t go crazy because we are playing so many different combinations.  If we go for $2  – 5 value each per roster,  we will play $32 – $80 a night.

Here are the contests we like playing.  All of them are MLB Tiers

Dimetime contest.  20 rosters x $0.10 = ($2.00) – we will enter 2 – 3 tournaments

Quarter Jukebox. 20 Rosters x $0.25 = ($5.00)

MLB Solo Shot.  20 Rosters x $1.00 = ($20.00)

MLB Tablesetter.  4 rosters x $2.00 ($8.00)

MLB Four Seamer 2 rosters x 4.00 ($8.00)

MLB Tiers Booster 10 TOP 3 win $20.  3 Rosters x $2.00 ($6.00)

You can determine how much you want to bet.  I start off on the lower end each time after a big win.

If you were to take Trout and Acuna on all tickets here is how you wheel 16 rosters.

say tiers 3 you pick Story as your 1 seed (H) and McMahon as your 2 seed (V), Tiers 4 you pick Hoskins as your 1 seed (H) and Tatis Jr. and your 2 seed (V).  Tier 5 has Adam Eaton as the 1 seed (H) and Travis d’Arnaud as the 2 seed (V), with the 6th tier being Yoan Moncada as the 1 seed and Ozzie Albies as the 2 seed (V)


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