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The LockedOn MLB Podcast is Relaunched… hosted by Paul Francis Sullivan of Sully Baseball @LockedOnMLB



I’ve been away. Now I am back.

Thanks to the Locked On Podcasting Network, your pal Sully is posting all new baseball podcasts for the relaunched show Locked On MLB.

The first episode, I discuss which fan bases have replaced Cubs, White Sox and Red Sox fans as the longest suffering in baseball and who need a World Series title the most in 2019.

Plus, I suggest a few rules that might cut down on the number of pitchers used, reduce length of games and make a little more sense than what MLB is proposing for 2019 and beyond.

Fans of the old podcast will feel right at home.

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It is good to be back. I hope you enjoy floating down the River Sully again.

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