MLB Shutout Survivor Is Back For 2018


MLB Shutout Survivor 2018:

Each year we run the list as it comes down in order.  From Opening Day until the last club is blanked, we see which squad can hold off getting zeroed the longest.

Last Year the New York Yankees lasted all the way til July 16, 2017 to take the honors – narrowly beating the Nationals by just over a week (who made it the longest on the Senior Circuit without being bageled.)

You always have to go with the favorites to win this category. This would be the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox considering their potent offenses and home venue for their ball games.

So who you got this year to stave off the blanking the longest?

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AL East – All Alive

New York – 

Toronto –

Boston –

Baltimore –

Tampa Bay –

AL Central – All Alive

Detroit –

Kansas City –

Minnesota – 

Chicago White Sox –

Cleveland Indians –

AL West – All Alive

Oakland –

Texas –

LA Angels –

Seattle –

Houston –


NL East – All Alive

Atlanta – 

Washington –

Miami Marlins –

NY Mets –

Philadelphia Phillies –

NL Central – All Alive

St. Louis Cardinals –

Cincinnati Reds –

Milwaukee Brewers –

Chicago Cubs –

Pittsburgh Pirates –

NL West 

LA Dodgers – Eliminated Thu Mar 29, 2018 (1 – 0 Loss to the Giants in Game #1)

SF Giants –

Arizona Diamondbacks –

San Diego Padres –

Colorado Rockies –

By Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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A big thanks goes out to our ‘Chief Writer/Part Owner’ Hunter Stokes for preparing today’s featured post.

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