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Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/4/17): MLB DFS Advice for FanDuel and DraftKings

Happy 4th of July everyone! It’s Tuesday which normally means it’s a huge slate of baseball but since it’s the holiday we have a split slate to contend with. We’ve got some great pitching options and some even better bats to look at today.


In this article, I will be providing you with my daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for FanDuel and DraftKings on 7/4/2017. The DFS lineup picks will range from some of the elite players to mid-priced options, and of course, value plays.


If you have an questions or need to see late-minute changes, follow me on Twitter at @FantasyAdvice22. Let’s bring home the bacon!

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/4/17): MLB DFS Advice

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/4/17): MLB DFS Advice

Daily Fantasy MLB 7/4/17

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Pitchers

Michael Fulmer

Lance Lynn

Career vs Current Marlins Roster

AVG: 0.184 [23 for 125], BABIP: 0.256, K%:27.1, BB%: 11.1
FIP: 2.70 Strikeout: 39 Groundout: 30 Flyout:18 Walk: 15 Single: 13 Double: 8 Pop Out: 7Lineout: 4 Hit By Pitch: 2 Grounded Into DP: 2Sac Bunt: 1 Intent Walk: 1 Forceout: 1 Triple:Field Error: 1 Home Run: 1

Chris Archer

Career vs Current Cubs Roster

AVG: 0.286 [2 for 7], BABIP: 0.400, K%: 28.6, BB%: 0.0
FIP: -0.13 Flyout: 3 Strikeout: 2 Double: 1Single: 1

Jon Lester

Career vs Current Rays Roster

AVG: 0.234 [26 for 111], BABIP: 0.292, K%:27.0, BB%: 11.1
FIP: 4.59 Strikeout: 34 Groundout: 20 Single:16 Walk: 14 Flyout: 13 Pop Out: 8 Grounded Into DP: 6 Double: 5 Home Run: 5 Lineout: 4Hit By Pitch: 1

Jason Vargas

Career vs Current Mariners Roster

AVG: 0.303 [33 for 109], BABIP: 0.315, K%:13.6, BB%: 10.4
FIP: 5.99 Groundout: 26 Single: 21 Strikeout:17 Walk: 12 Flyout: 11 Pop Out: 9 Double: 6Home Run: 5 Lineout: 5 Forceout: 4 Field Error: 2 Grounded Into DP: 2 Sac Fly: 2 Triple:Hit By Pitch: 1 Intent Walk: 1

Corey Kluber

Career vs Current Padres Roster

AVG: 0.323 [10 for 31], BABIP: 0.400, K%: 19.4, BB%: 0.0
FIP: 1.49 Single: 9 Groundout: 6 Strikeout: 6Flyout: 3 Pop Out: 2 Forceout: 2 Lineout: 2Double: 1


Other Pitching Options: Clayton Kershaw, Yu Darvish, Brad Peacock


 Daily Fantasy MLB 7/4/17

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Infielders

Elvis Andrus- SS vs. David Price


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Classic Matchups – Milwaukee vs. Baltimore on June 3, 1980

The Milwaukee Brewers played in the American League East division from 1972-93. In 2017, the Brewers will play many of their old foes from the East in Interleague matchups.  Baltimore, Boston, Toronto, and the New York Yankees are all on the schedule this season.  To celebrate the glory days of the old AL East, I’ve created a “classic opponents” series of blog posts.

Milwaukee welcomes Baltimore to Miller Park this afternoon to kick off a three game series. Back on June 3, 1980, Moose Haas of the Brewers came home to Baltimore to try to pick up his first win in front of family and friends.  Haas helped his team win the Baltimore City Sandlot Championship held at Memorial Stadium when he was 16 years old. This time he’d be facing the likes of Al Bumbry, Eddie Murray, and his personal nemesis, Lee May.




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