Top 20 Prospects In 2017 MLB Draft

The 2017 MLB Draft is right around the corner and everyone is making their final impression or already have. The college postseason is just getting started and the high school seasons are done or just about done. This year we find a good mix of high schoolers and college draft prospects, but the top 10 is dominated by college players. There are multiple two-way players that are projected to go high in the draft, but will most likely have to choose one or the other. Overall, the 2017 draft class seems to be stronger than the 2016 draft class and the talent level is high almost all the way down the 1st round. Our list is topped by Louisville slugger and pitcher Brendan McKay, followed by another two-way player Hunter Greene. Greene could be the first high school right-handed pitcher ever taken first overall, but it is still up in the air who the Minnesota Twins will take with the pick. The last 5 players on our top 10 are college players, mostly position players. No matter who takes who in the top 10, they are most likely going to like their pick for one reason or another. There are a lot of high-quality players at the top of the draft and should make for an exciting June 12th.

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