Ranking Yankees! Who is the Second-Greatest of Them All?

mariano-lede_orig is currently running a poll that asks, “Who is the greatest Yankee in history after Babe Ruth?

It’s not a question that would hold any interest for the late George Steinbrenner, who once quipped: “Second place is really first loser.” But we baseball fans are suckers for rankings, so rankings shall commence.

Respondents to the poll are asked to choose among some of the usual suspects, presented here in alphabetical order: Berra, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Jeter, Mantle and Rivera. I think it’s pretty clear, even to the most die-hard Mariana Rivera supporter (and really, who among us isn’t a Mariano Rivera supporter?), that the reliever doesn’t belong in this company… READ THE FULL STORY ON PLATE COVERAGE


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