Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Fanduel & DraftKings 4/16/17 is back for this huge Saturday 4/16/17 slate. Let’s take a look at some plays we like in the form of Top and Value Pitching, Value bats, and some Top BVP plays to go along with some pitchers we think you should avoid today as well.

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (4/16/17): MLB DFS Advice

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Daily Matchups for 4/16/2017

Top Pitchers

Jon Lester-  If you can take a pitcher on the Cubs, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be looking at an extra 12 points for the W over at Fanduel. He’s had 2 really good starts this season against both the Dodgers and Cardinals where he scored 40 and 33 FPs. Love his match-up against the Pirates today.

Career vs Current Pirates Roster

AVG: 0.279 [41 for 147], BABIP: 0.339, K%: 21.2, BB%: 6.7
FIP: 3.26 Strikeout: 35 Single: 31 Groundout: 31Flyout: 18 Walk: 11 Lineout: 8 Pop Out: 7Double: 6 Hit By Pitch: 4 Home Run: 3 Sac Bunt:3 Grounded Into DP: 3 Bunt Lineout: 1Forceout: 1 Triple: 1 Double Play: 1 Field Error:1

Cole Hamels- Absolutely love Hamels in this match-up considering the Mariner have been absolutely terrible to start the season. Hamels has had success against them in the past and looks to continue to build on his last start against the Angels where he pitched 7 innings giving up only 4 hits, walking 4, striking out 5 allowing 1 ER and getting the QSTART and 37 FP on Fanduel.

Career vs Current Mariners Roster

AVG: 0.257 [29 for 113], BABIP: 0.268, K%: 21.3, BB%: 8.7
FIP: 5.70 Strikeout: 27 Single: 21 Groundout: 18Flyout: 18 Walk: 11 Home Run: 7 Pop Out: 6Lineout: 6 Sac Bunt: 3 Forceout: 3 Grounded Into DP: 3 Field Error: 2 Double Play: 1 Double: 1

Gio Gonzalez- Love this match-up against the Phillies for Gio today. He has back to back great starts against STL (7 IP, 6 H, 0 BB, 6 SO, 1 ER, 1 QSTART, 1 W and 46 FP) and against Miami (6 IP, 7 H, 2 BB, 7 SO, O ER, 1 QSTART and 43 FP). I expect close to the same today and could see another 7+ innings and 6+ Ks for Gonzalez.

Career vs Current Phillies Roster

AVG: 0.206 [34 for 165], BABIP: 0.250, K%: 23.0, BB%: 6.6
FIP: 2.99 Groundout: 42Strikeout: 42 Single: 24Flyout: 16 Lineout: 14 Walk:12 Grounded Into DP: 8Double: 7 Pop Out: 4 Sac Bunt: 4 Forceout: 4 Home Run: 3 Field Error: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1 Batter Interference: 1

Other Stud Pitchers: Matt Harvey, Michael Pineda, JA Happ, Drew Pomeranz

Value/Sleeper Pitchers:

Dylan Bundy- He makes a great value play as he’s facing a Blue Jays’ offense that has been horrific to start the season. Bundy only had 23 FP in his last start against BOS but he faced this same Blue Jays team (minus Donaldson) where he pitched 7 innings, gave up only 4 hits, 0 walks, 8 Ks, 1 ER, and the W with 52 FP. I could see something very similar to that considering they will most likely be putting Chris Coghlan on 3rd again today.

Career vs Current Blue Jays Roster

AVG: 0.097 [3 for 31], BABIP: 0.143, K%: 30.3, BB%: 6.1
FIP: 1.66 Strikeout: 10 Flyout: 6 Groundout: 6Single: 3 Pop Out: 3 Lineout: 2 Walk: 2Grounded Into DP: 1

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