Is Francisco Lindor Adding Legit Power to His Arsenal?

The first two seasons of Francisco Lindor’s MLB career couldn’t have gone much better – especially when specifically talking about his individual performance. He’s paired Gold Glove defense with more-than-adequate production at the plate, but if we had to nitpick, his offense did take a slight step back last year compared to his rookie campaign.

Despite getting over 200 more plate appearances to work with, his wRC+, Isolated Power (ISO), wOBA and OPS all dropped.

But still, it’s not like any club wouldn’t take a 6.3-fWAR player that posted a .301/.358/.435 triple slash with 15 homers, 78 RBI, 99 runs scored, 19 stolen bases and Gold Glove defense at shortstop.

Entering his age-23 campaign, we know there’s room for growth as he continues approaching his physical prime. Could we be seeing that already with an early-season power binge?

Through 42 plate appearances, Lindor has hit 4 home runs and produced a .441 ISO. It took him until May 27th (201 plate appearances) to reach 4 homers last year.

Some could obviously look at this hot start and call it just that – we’re dealing with a small sample size, after all. And they’re not wrong – we’ll indeed have to wait a bit to see how sustainable his current performance is.

But what have been the reasons behind his fast start in the power department this year? Is it just a hot streak or could it be a sign of growth from the young shortstop?



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