MLB Power Rankings: Apr 9, 2017: Week 2

There are several teams that you may ask why their rankings are still somewhat high despite poor records, in relation to the Blue Jays, Yankees, Mariners, Giants, or even the Royals for that matter. It is simple….They have not hosted a game at home yet, still have decent players, and all of them did still drop down the power rankings over the last week – and definitely from their year end win totals. 

Thru Apr 9, 2017 (Prior to ESPN Sunday Night Game)

Win Predictions 

For The Year (Power Rankings This Week In Parenthesis)

American League (1235 – 1195)

AL East (427 – 383)

Boston Red Sox 90 – 72  Division Winner #2 Seed (5)

Toronto Blue Jays 88 – 74 WC #1 (9)

Baltimore Orioles 87 – 75 (10)

NY Yankees 81 – 81 (19)

Tampa Bay Rays 81 – 81 (20)

We knocked the Jays down from Division Winners to Wild Card Winners in one week. They could have a great homestand and jump back to the top again, however a poor 1 – 5 week is not a great start for 2017. The Starting Pitching is still top notch. We still have 156 games to play folks,

AL Central (394 – 416)

Cleveland Indians 91 – 71 Division Winner #1 Seed AL  (2)

The Tigers managed to go 3 – 2 in a week where Miguel Cabrera barely hit anything. This will not be usual. Love the Starting Pitching. Only if the Bullpen could hold it together. Weak AL Central should make path of resistance to a Wild Card or even Division contention that much more possible.

Detroit Tigers 85 – 77 (8)

Kansas City Royals 80 – 82 (21)

Minnesota Twins 70 – 92 (26)

Chicago White Sox 68 – 94 (27)

The Mariners blew a 6 run lead to Los Angeles on Sunday in LA. It would have stopped the bleeding on the road trip..

AL West (414 – 396)

Houston Astros 87 – 75  Division Winner #3 Seed (6)

LA Angeles 84 – 78 (11)

Texas Rangers 84 – 78 (14)

Seattle Mariners 84 –  78 (15)

Oakland A’s 75 – 87 (23)

In their 1st 60 games of the season, the Halo’s effectively miss the Indians and Red Sox on the docket, and only have to play 3 games versus the Tigers as well. Yes, they play a huge chunk of their games vs the AL West, but they have improved against all of the clubs as of right now. Mike Scioscia’s squad gets to play 4 games at Tampa – and 4 games vs the Twins, 3 vs Toronto and Atlanta at home, with 3 at Kc and Miami. The club are slated to host the Braves for 3 games. Did I mention they play the A’s 10 times in their 1st 60 contests as well? I could see them with 34 or 36 wins at the 60 game mark In an exhausting stretch from Apr 3, to May 15, the team also plays 43 games in 46 nights, with 20 of them at home, but that is a great itinerary to kick off the campaign.  The team started the season 5 – 2 this week versus those said A’s and the Mariners.


WC Round Toronto wins over Detroit

LDS Round Toronto over Cleveland in 5, Boston over Houston in 5

ALCS – Toronto Over Boston in 7

The Nationals should really be 4 – 2 or 5 – 1 to start the year. Jeremy Guthrie wont pitch again, and Trea Turner will be back soon enough. Hot starts by Harper, Murphy and ZImmerman is a positive, Eaton and Werth have been good too Rendon is back in the lineup Strasburg has looked good, and Scherzer and Roark won their starts Enter Joe Ross, and Gonzalez week 2, Washington will be fine. Atlanta also doesn’t look to be improved as previously thought.

National League (1195 – 1235)

NL East (401 – 409)

Washington Nationals 94 – 68 Division Winner #1 Seed  (4)

NY Mets 88  – 74 WC #1 (7)

Miami Marlins 76 – 86 (22)

Philadelphia Phillies 75 – 87 (24)

Atlanta Braves 68 – 94 (28)

Could be the easiest cake walk to a Division ever for Chicago. St. Louis doesn’t look that tough, Pittsburgh is not as strong as they were in previous years, plus Milwaukee looks bad to start. Could have NL Central wrapped up by Labor Day.

NL Central (397 – 413)

Chicago Cubs 93 – 69 (1)

Pittsburgh Pirates 83 – 79 (12)

St. Louis Cardinals 81 – 81 (18)

Cincinnati Reds 74 – 88 (25)

Milwaukee Brewers 66 – 96 (29)

The Cards were blanked 2 times over the weekend by the Reds. While I don’t believe Cincy will play this well all year, the Cards offense looks less effective this year without the power of Holliday and Moss not there. Where are you Matt Carpenter?

NL West (397 – 415)

LA Dodgers 89 – 73  Division Winner – #3 Seed (3)

SF Giants 84 – 78 WC #2 (13)

Arizona DiamondBacks 82 – 80 (16)

Colorado Rockies 82 – 80 (17)

San Diego Padres 60 – 102 (30)

Arizona looks so much better with .A.J. Pollock in the lineup than in 2016. Their bullpen will still be their undoing, but at least they started with a 5 – 2 homestand, a place where they were brutal last season. Go win on the road boys, then we will improve your ranking.


WC Round – NY Mets defeat SF Giants

LDS Round – Washington defeats Ny Mets in 4

LDS Round – LA Dodgers defeat Cubs in 5

LCS – LA Defeats Washington in 7

World Series – LA Dodgers Defeat Toronto in 6

Puig went off on the Padres and Jered Weaver, however he still struggles against high velocity. Dave Roberts also rested his positional player a lot in week 1. I think the Dodgers won’t do the same in week 2 and beyond.  The 1 – 8 Lineup should be in good shape if they are playing every day.  The club has enough pitching vs the rest of the Division and League.

By Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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