Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Fanduel & DraftKings 4/8/17

Saturday brings it the end of the work week, and more baseball than our hearts desire! We have yet another terrific full slate of games which we will break down which pitchers to take and avoid and which pitchers make great pivots to tournament plays. Let’s check it out below!


Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (4/8/17): MLB DFS Advice

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Daily Matchups for 4/8/2017

Top Pitchers

Masahiro Tanaka- This will be an odd pick because of Tanaka’s struggles in his first start. He’s still a stud and should be able to bounce back in his 2nd start. If Severino was set up for the win before the Yankees’ bullpen blew it, Tanaka should be just fine himself. Let’s look at his stats.

Career vs Current Orioles Roster

AVG: 0.198 [18 for 91], BABIP: 0.182, K%: 20.8, BB%: 4.2
FIP: 5.27 Groundout: 25Strikeout: 20 Lineout: 10Single: 10 Pop Out: 7 Flyout:7 Home Run: 6 Walk: 4Forceout: 2 Grounded Into DP: 2 Double: 2 Sac Fly: 1

Chris Archer- Archer had one hell of an Opening Day last Sunday against the potent Yankees offense and he gets to start once again in Tampa Bay. The dome is a great pitchers park and Archer had the best home ERA last year but was still 2-10 because the Ray’s offense was terrible. They seem to be better this season so far and think he’ll be fine once again. People will be scared to take him against the Blue Jays, but he should be good to go. Let’s check his stats against them.

Career vs Current Blue Jays Roster

AVG: 0.201 [45 for 224], BABIP: 0.232, K%: 25.1, BB%: 8.8
FIP: 4.16 Strikeout: 63Groundout: 50 Single: 28Flyout: 27 Walk: 22 Lineout:16 Pop Out: 15 Home Run: 9Double: 8 Grounded Into DP:5 Hit By Pitch: 2 Sac Fly: 2Forceout: 2 Field Error: 1 Sac Bunt: 1

Kyle Hendricks- I believe a lot of players will see that Kershaw is on the mound and try to roster him but that game is being played in Coors, and regardless of yesterday’s small runs output there, I can’t trust Kershaw. My bold prediction of the season will be that Hendricks is the best pitcher on the Cubs staff. Better than both Arrieta and Lester. Mark my words here today folks!

Career vs Current Brewers Roster

AVG: 0.143 [10 for 70], BABIP: 0.244, K%: 39.7, BB%: 2.7
FIP: 0.60 Strikeout: 29 Groundout: 15 Single: 6Lineout: 5 Flyout: 4 Double: 4 Forceout: 3 Walk:2 Pop Out: 2 Grounded Into DP: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1Bunt Groundout: 1

Value/Sleeper Pitchers:


Pitchers To Avoid:


Value Batters:


Top BvP Play:


Teams To Stack:


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