The MLB’s Most Dominant April Hitting Performances This Decade

Winters are always long without any baseball, but this one seemed especially long.

Thankfully, the moment we’ve been waiting for since the Chicago Cubs clinched a long overdue World Series title last November is finally upon us — Opening Day is literally right around the corner.

Over the next month or so, plenty of assumptions will surely be made despite the “small sample size” caveat. After all, we know it takes a while for certain trends to actually stabilize.

Still, I was curious as to which hitters put together the best performances in April over the past decade. It could’ve been inspired by that insane month of August Gary Sanchez gave us last year, but who’s been the best through the first month of the season since 2010?

We’ve taken the top-five performances from each season and ranked them by wRC+ to see who gave themselves the best start imaginable. To be eligible for consideration, players had to accumulate at least 90 plate appearances during the month of April in each given season.

Here are the most dominant performances we’ve seen from big-league hitters so far this decade.



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