Who Are Some Of The Most Underrated Players In Major League Baseball In 2016?

Underrated ball players are those who continue to create opportunities for their organization to win, but they don’t get the credit they deserve. Today I will be covering some of the top unsung heroes of the 2016 season. Before jumping into the analysis, let me tell you how I discovered these hidden gems.


After researching some sabermetrics articles, I decided to develop a statistic that I could use to determine the players that are creating the most offensive opportunities for their team to win. This statistic is basically a more simplistic form of the “runs created” formula established by Bill James. You can see my run opportunities formula (it will now be referred to as “ROF”) and underrated players below:


Run Opportunities Formula= (Total Bases+Walks-Strikeouts+Stolen Bases-Caught Stealing Attempts+Sacrifice Flies+Sacrifice Bunts)/Plate Appearances




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