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Odds To Win The MLB Divisions In 2016: Best Value Bets

Should win between 82 - 85 games in my view - and is one the best odds on the board for this wagering.

Should win between 82 – 85 games in my view – and is the best odds on the board for this wagering in any category this week.  Picking them to win the AL East for a +1200 is full value.

Hunter Stokes (BBBA Featured Writer) 

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ODDS courtesy of bet365.com

Bad Value – Red Block

Good Value – Blue Block

AL East

As stated in an article this week, I am loving the value of the O’s across the board.  Picking them to win the Division at +1200 should be ranked 1st, to win the American League Pennant at +2800 is 2nd – and to win the World Series at +5000 is third.

Since Baltimore would have a tough NL matchup for the Fall Classic, the best cash should be thrown on the AL East win, then to win the Pennant.

Boston and Toronto are both listed at 87.5 regular season win odds – whereas the Jays are favored to win over that amount just slightly ahead of the Sox.  Here they are evenly slated.

David Price is a regular season beast, and Craig Kimbrel solidifies the Bullpen, but I just can’t put money behind them winning this Division.

It was a good job by BET365 handicapping the AL East

Boston Red Sox +175 (6)

Toronto Blue Jays +175

NY Yankees +350

TB Rays +800

Baltimore Orioles +1200 (1)
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ESPN’s Baseball Tonight’s Top 100 MLB Players


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(Michael Brantley Ranked 80th)

I wasn’t expecting Baseball Tonight to start its Top 100 countdown so soon. Usually, they do that over two days at the end of spring training, both online and in a TV special.

Now, the Top 100 reveal is taking place over 10 days, from March 15-24. every morning, a new set of 10 players, beginning with #100-91, is posted on ESPN.com.

When it’s time for the Top 10 to be announced on March 24, that will occur on a special edition of Baseball Tonight at 10 pm EST on ESPN2 and WatchESPN.

much like the change in the publication of this list, the way in which it was constituted differs from last year as well. a panel of 70 ESPN experts (vs. 60 previously), including MLB writers, analysts, and contributors, were polled in February and March after being given a list of more than 350 MLB players (vs. 600 last year).

These experts evaluated the players by assigning them a number from 0 to 10 based on player projections for 2016.


Exclusive Interview With Houston Astros Outfielder, Preston Tucker


Trey Rose (Featured Fantasy Baseball Writer/Owner – dynastydigest.sportsblog.com) 

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Today’s interview is with Houston Astros outfielder, Preston Tucker. I would like to thank Preston for being such a down to earth guy and taking the time to do this interview.

We met at FanFest in Houston and he has been incredibly nice and helpful since. While he is a great baseball player, I could tell he is an even better person after meeting him in person and talking on the phone. 

I have enjoyed getting to know Preston more throughout the interview process and I wish him the best of luck in this upcoming season. He has a very bright future on and off the field.

Before jumping into his interview, I have highlighted his background below. To see the interview please click the link below:


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 18, 2016

MORE FROM LONDON: I chatted with Chris Ward, an infielder for the British baseball club, the Guildford Mavericks.

We talked about organized English ball, how cricket translates to baseball skillwise and why the All Star Game needs to come to England.
The National Pastime is going to explode in England, partly due to this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Visit the Guildford Mavericks on line by clicking HERE

Visit the British Baseball Federation by clicking HERE

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