Odds To Win The 2014 MLB World Series – Updated For Week 3

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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Odds To Win The 2014 World Series

1.  LA Dodgers +600 (Up from +650)

Dodgers are still a good pick, but with SF lurking and Clayton Kershaw not back yet, that +600 looks bad.  Plus SF beat them 5 out of 6 so far.

2.  Washington Nationals +800

I like this club – but Stephen Strasburg‘s slow start, and injuries are plaguing Ryan Zimmerman and even Bryce Harper to an extent.  Plus Atlanta is right there with them right now.   

3.  Detroit Tigers +700 (Up From +900)

Lets see. They can’t score that well yet, and have a horrid start with the Bullpen.  The odds has swung to far to the favorite side here.  Stay Away.

4. St. Louis Cardinals +850 (Up From +1000)

This has to do with ownership over the Reds and Pirates so far.

T5. Boston Red Sox +1200 (Down from +1000.)

Beantowners squeaked out a win to be 6 – 9 last night.  OF suspect, and this club is older than you think, not the AL East favorite.

T5. Oakland A’s +1200 (Up from +1400)

If Jim Johnson, Sean Doolittle and Luke Gregerson could save a game, these guys would be 14 – 1 right now.  The odds is probably fair for the team, but hate their playoff record.

T7.  Texas Rangers +1400

T7 . Tampa Bay Rays +1400

T9 Atlanta Braves +1600 (Up from +1800)

Braves win with smoke in mirrors, and not too long before reinforcements coming at Pitching

T9. San Francisco Giants +1600 (Up from +1800)

Wildcard locks could be the Braves and Giants if they keep playing well. Heck, they could both win their respective Divisions.

11. New York Yankees +1800 (Down From +1600)

So the Yankees are 9 – 6, atop of the AL East Division, and haven’t really cranked up their offense to full capacity yet.  One of the best 5 bets on the board.  A NYY team slated #11 by oddsmakers should always warrant a bet.

12. Los Angeles Angels +2200

T13 Pittsburgh Pirates +2500 (Down from +2200)

Lose 2 in a row to the Reds – and everyone loses an odd.

T13. Toronto Blue Jays +2500

For the 1st time this year, the Blue Jays are pegged about right for the odd.  They are right near the top of the AL East, and welcome Jose Reyes back on Saturday

T15.  Seattle Mariners +2800 (Up From +2500)

Sell the stock in the Mariners. Taijuan Walker set back and James Paxton out hurts.  Power outage in the PAC NW too.

T15. Milwaukee Brewers +2800  (Up  from + 3500)

The time to but the odd was at +6000 2 weeks ago, or even last weeks +3500.  Ryan Braun‘s wrist may prove to sideline him.

16. Cleveland Indians +3300  

T17.   San Diego Padres +5000 (Up  From +6600)

No way Jose.  This is one of the worst odds on the board.  How can you have them ranked higher than the Royals, Orioles, Reds,

T17. Kansas City Royals +5000 (Down From +3500)

2 get well wins vs the Astros has them just 1 game back of the Tigers.  Still haven’t hit a lick

T17. Baltimore Orioles +5000 (down from +5000)

Only 1.5 Games Behind the Leader in East and Manny Machado is coming.  Kevin Gausman soon to follow.

T21. Colorado Rockies +6600 (Up from +5500)

With Troy Tulowitzki hurt it seems like another mid 70 wins team right now.

T21 Cincinnati Reds +6600 (Down from +3500)

Seriously?? Really?? A jump that drastic even though the club is only 3 games from the playoff bar.  I bet this one immediately myself after a tip from a friend.  One good week for Cincy – and they are right back in this thing.  Ranking them 21st overall is not wise.

23.   Chicago White Sox +7000 (Up from +8000)

It could be like 2012, where the team won 85 games.  Not a bad odd

24.   Philadelphia Phillies +10000 (Down from +7000)

Cliff Lee wins season opener giving up 8 ER in 5 IP, loses 1 – 0 in CG 9 IP – 13 SO effort.  Baseball nuts sometimes.

25.  Arizona Diamondbacks + 12500 (Down From +7000)

A season where it is not going well at all sometimes never corrects itself

26   New York Mets +15000 (Down From +12500)

6 – 3 roadtrip good.  Dillon Gee good.  Bartolo Colon hurt, Curtis Granderson hurt and slumping, Jose Valverde club house leader in HRs allowed per 9 IP last few years.

T27.   Miami Marlins +20000 (Down From +12500)

Hey remember when they were 5 – 2?

T27.  Chicago Cubs +20000 (down from +15000)

Shutout in Doubleheader.  1st time a team has down that in 30 years.,  Sounds about right

29. Minnesota Twins +30000 (Down from +25000)

Don’t now if Gardy’s going to survive this

30.   Houston Astros +50000 (down from +40000)

Call in the cavalry – namely George Springer.  Just learn how to spell his name right Minute Maid park.

Best Bets on the Board (Value wise)

1. Cincinnati +6600

2. Kansas City +5000

3.  New York (AL) +1800

4.  Baltimore +5000

5. Chicago AL +8000

Worst odds on the board

1. San Diego +5000

2. Seattle +2800

3.  Los Angeles +2200

4, Boston +1200

5.  Oakland A’s +1200

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Please note that it is illegal for US citizens to gamble in most States. 

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