All 30 MLB Parks By Ground In 25 Days? 2014’s Only Attempt To Break The World Record: Part 2

Going for trips that include all 30 MLB Parks in under a month has become common place.  There are a few select ballpark chasers that have tried every year for the last half dozen.  But seriously, this is the website to receive the best knowledge how to do these maniacal travel trips.

Going for trips that include all 30 MLB Parks in under a month has become common place. There are a few select ballpark chasers that have tried every year for the last half-dozen. But seriously, this is the website to receive the best knowledge how to do these maniacal travel trips.  This post contains a 25 day schedule that will make most people wince at the thought of it.  If there are a few of you who are crazy enough to try this, it will change you forever.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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So how does one plan for an all 30 MLB Parks trip in terms of geography, mileage, time zone changes and flipping through the 2014 MLB schedule in order to put forth a world record attempt of a 25 days itinerary?

Let me tell you, years of practice at this, and about 12 hours of crunching the computer.

When I set out to do this mission it was for my own personal know how.

A few friends and I have thrown out the idea of going for the World Record for fastest to see all parks by land (current record is 26 days).

Before we get into this, do yourself a favor and read the 1st installment of this 2 parter here .

The Streak Attempt At 30 MLB Parks in 25 days (Ground)

Day Date Away Home Gm drive GM DAY
Time to
Prestreak PARK
FRI 18-Apr MIN KC 7:10 791
SAT 19-Apr TOR CLE 1:05 133 1 1
SAT 19-Apr MIL PIT 7:05 1048 2 1
SUN 20-Apr BAL TB 1:40 477 3 2
MON 21-Apr MIA ATL 7:10 723 4 3
TUE 22-Apr CWS DET 7:08 524 5 4
WED 23-Apr ARI CHC 1:20 100 6 5
WED 23-Apr SD MIL 7:10 621 7 5
THU 24-Apr BAL TOR 7:10 546 8 6
FRI 25-Apr NYY BOS 7:05 357 9 7
SAT 26-Apr SD WSH 1:05 38 10 8
SAT 26-Apr KC BAL 7:05 203 11 8
SUN 27-Apr MIA NYM 1:05 9 12 9
SUN 27-Apr LAA NYY 7:05 649 13 9
MON 28-Apr CHC CIN 7:10 951 14 10
TUES 29-Apr OAK TEX 7:05 646 15 11
WED 30-Apr MIL STL 12:45 231 16 12
WED 30-Apr TOR KC 7:10 439 17 12
THU 1-May LAD MIN 12:10 1178 18 13
FRI 2-May SEA HOU 7:10 1185 19 14
SAT 3-May LAD MIA 7:10 1185 20 15
SUN 4-May WSH PHI 3:10 1122 21 16
MON 5-May CHC CWS 7:05 759 22 17
TUES 6-May TEX COL 6:40 1004 23 18
WED 7-May NYY LAA 7:05 1012 24 19
THU 8-May MIA SD 7:05 95 25 20
FRI 9-May SF LAD 7:10 125 26 21
SAT 10-May WAS OAK 6:05 364 27 22
SUN 11-May KC SEA 1:10 807 28 23
MON 12-May ATL SF 7:15 806 29 24
TUES 13-May WAS ARI 6:40 751 30 25

You will notice it says prestreak above the actual trip starting from Apr.19 – May.13. 

Since there are 5 doubleheader attempts in this trip, and Kauffman Stadium is one of them (and the last scheduled DH on the sked), we will go to a game before the streak actually begins.

This way, if you were to miss the Busch Stadium Doubleheader Attempt on Apr.30, you could retroactive back the streak to the Apr.18th game. 

Already, you would only be guaranteed to tie the record if the rest of the games went through smooth – this is how hard this is/

The trip starts off at Progressive Field, after an all night drive from Kansas City the night before, so hopefully you can trek those 791 Miles between parks for the 1st pitch of the game in Cleveland at 1:05.

I have done the Cleveland and Pittsburgh DH before.  132 MILES separates the two stadiums.  I love those Indians 12:05 start times on day matinees on Thursdays as well.  This one is an hour later because it it is a SAT.

As is the case for seeing all pitches in two different parks. 

Travel time should be around 2 hours and 10 minutes to toil down the I – 76.  So barring any near 3:45 game in Cleveland, or of course (weather) delays, this should be a makeable start for the 1st 2 games of the journey.

Of course there is no rest for the weary afterwards, there is a 1048 MILES drive straight to Tampa.  Unfortunately these kind of drives are saddled throughout the schedule – based on park availability or what have you. 

Our friends at Googlemaps say it is a 15 HR and 30 MIN ride from Pit to TB.  Now, all of us know we can make up time if necessary.  If push comes to shove, you can make up for the time you may stop.

The next days game in Tampa is at 1:40 PM.  It will take all of your might to make this journey.  But that is what these odyssey’s are about.  Energy drinks,. chewing gum, and loud music to keep invigorated behind the wheel of your vehicle.

If you can make that game at Tropicana Field, the schedule becomes decisively better for at least a while.  You can even sleep for a few hours that evening, as it is only 477 Miles to Turner Field the next day.

After Tomahawk Chopping in Georgia, the plan is to go the distance to the tune of 723 Miles between Atlanta and Detroit. 

After visiting Comerica Park and watching Miguel Cabrera, you can sleep for the night in Indiana State somewhere just off the 90 highway.

Your 2nd doubleheader is next.  It is a Wrigley Field and Miller Park doubleheader.  Here is the game plan on this Wednesday:

Wake up early and drive to Milwaukee (leave the car at Milwaukee Airport Amtrak Station, take the Amtrak Back to Chicago Union Station) – before taking the SUBWAY to the Chicago game.

Alternate idea is just to drive it, if this is the case, or any Wrigley Field/Miller Park double, park on W Irving Park Road, sprint a mile to this exit street for I – 90/94.  It is the quickest way out of Wrigleyville.

In my opinion thought, Don’t chance the traffic after the game being bad, you will likely miss the 1st pitch in Milwaukee.  Instead, have a taxi (or sedan service) meet you at the park at around 415 – 420. 

If it goes longer than this for the game, you will never make it anyway.  There is a 5:08 train to Milwaukee from the Amtrak Station (Union Station in Chicago) that gets you to your car at 6:28 at Milwaukee Airport (‘MKA code’ at

I trust this route far more than trying to cut through the I-94 traffic to Miller Park.  Once at your car, there should be 35 minutes or so to hightail it to the park.  Drive i – 94 all the way to National Ave – and coast in.

You can always risk the drive to the game 2, but it is listed as a 2 Hour drive, and if there is congestion, this could turn into 3.

Once you have made this game, you can drive back to that hotel on I-90 in Indiana again.  The next game on the docket is in Toronto anyway.  It should only take about 5 hours to drive the next day.

Miller Park to Rogers Center is listed as 621 Miles.  There is also customs, so make sure you have your passport.

At least in Canada you have a guarantee of them playing with the Dome.  The next day, Fenway Park is on the list (546 Miles) from Toronto. 

After the game in Fenway (NYY at BOS by the way), drive into the outskirts of New York, and you can pick the same hotel for 2 nights in a row just outside in NJ.  The next 2 days, there are 2 doubleheader chances.

On a Saturday, after driving from Boston to Washington (minus rest in NJ State), you start in Nationals Park at 1:05 on this afternoon.  It is a good thing it is a Saturday though, as Washington traffic is disgusting.

After the game, it is just 38 miles to Camden Yards.  One of the rare doubleheader chances that comes available.  This has good odds to score both games for the day.

Driving from Baltimore back to NY hotel after – is perfect for when you have a Citi Field and Yankee Stadium Doubleheader. 

In  Flushing Meadows, the contest begins at 1:05, where you receive the padded hour at Yankee Stadium (8:05) for the ESPN Sunday night Game (God I love those).

If you have hit on all parks, this would make 13 games in 9 days.

You should even be rested, with staying in hotels for 5 nights straight.  (2 off HWY 90 in Indiana), one between Toronto and Boston, and then the 2 straight stays in NY city.

Here is where the trip amps up.

From New York, you will drive 650 Miles to Cincinnati.  It is a long drive, but GABP (Great American Ball Park) is a yard.

Pretty much after the game is done, you will drive to Texas, and visit the Ballpark in Arlington.  This is 950 MILES.  Texas is a big state, and a pain in the ass to drive through.

Once the game completes in Arlington, you have to be fast to Busch Stadium next.  The distance between the two is 646 Miles.  The game in St. Louis is a day matinee.

This is your last doubleheader attempt, and may be the golden maneuver to breaking the record.  1st, you need the 12:45 game in St. Louis to be over by 3:30 or you are dead already.

The average NL game runs 2:39.  If you can get that, it is a 232 MILE drive between cities.  It could be done, and you can make up time on the I – 70.

If you are still perfect, this is amazing, but the Miles will really exponentially increase soon.

The park on May 1st will be Target Field at 12:10. It is a 6 hour drive (only 439 Miles from KC).  Probably gives you time for a quick shower and snooze at a hotel.  Note Here ( stay at same hotel in KC for 2 days, as you will pass the area again post Minneapolis.

After the Twin Cities, chaos ensues.  With the help of that matinee, you will have about 28 hours to reach your next destination (Minute Maid Park).  Shower and sleep for a few hours at the KC hotel again. 

You  now have an 11 hour drive to Houston!!

Here is where it is absolutely nuts, and you could use a couple of drivers with you – and not just one.  From Houston to Miami’s downtown ballpark is 1185 Miles, and should take around 17 hours (18 if you count the lost hour for EST.)

Put the pedal to the metal here. 

If you are still alive after the game at New Marlins Ballpark, comes an even harrier move.

You have another 1185 miles to drive (17 hours from Miami to Philly and CBP).  The problem is, you are probably leaving at 10:00 PM  EST, and the game at CBP is at 3:05 EST on the next day. Means.. you have no wiggle room…..

If you make this trip, you are a hero in your own right.  At this juncture in time, you would be at 21 parks in 16 days.  It is around 7 PM in Philly (after that 3:05 game.) Get Sleep again!

The next game on the docket is Us Cellular Field, man it will feel like a cupcake trip after 3 straight 1100+ MILE trips.  This is 759 Miles (and you even get an hour back from CST time).

It is still a 11 hour drive, and you have back to back huge drives again the next few days.

Once you have visited the Southside of Chicago, it is time to drive all night 1005 Miles to Coors Field. 

Here is where checking into a hotel in Denver at 1 PM (after the 14 hour drive), could net you a couple of hours of rest before another daunting journey post Coors.

If you have made all of your games, all of your doubleheaders, no weather infringing on your games to where it costs you time, then you are ready for your last killer drive.

Here is where you stand…  There are 23 games already seen in 18 days, and you have the 5 California clubs, Seattle and Arizona left.  First up is Angel Stadium at 1000 Miles away from Denver. 

This trip covers 14 hours (plus you gain another hour back.  If you can make up some ground on the mileage, you may even be tempted to carry on all the way to San Diego this day (The game starts at 12:40 PM) and is another 100 Miles away.

However, on this day, is a great doubleheader dance partner with Angel Stadium…or is it?

Here is the thing though, even if you were to make the DH attempt, it will not help you, as there is now game to made up for because the last game on the list is the 1st time you can visit Chase Field in May based on your schedule.

I even looked at using the doubleheader, but couldn’t finagle it in.  Just be happy Colorado is only 1000 Miles away from Los Angeles. 

However, you can catch up on rest – by staying in the very same hotel in Los Angeles – for get this – 3 straight days: 7th, 8th and 9th, as you go to Angel Stadium, Petco Park and Dodger Stadium.

If you make it to this point, your odds skyrocket to nail this thing. 

The game on May 10th is in Oakland, on a Saturday night.  Plus you should be rested up..  The 364 Miles to Oakland from LA is nothing now.

After the game watching the A’s play,. you are headed 807 Miles up the I-5 to Seattle.  Should take you 13 hours.  The part that is bad, is that you only have 15 hours or so once the game is over in Oakland.

If you make that 1:05 PM May 11th game in the PAC NW Emerald City, you then should have 28 hours to drive back to San Francisco.

The game on Monday the 12th at AT & T Park is game #29.  After the game in Seattle the previous day, you should have stopped in Eugene, OR for a sleep.  This puts you at 8 hours drive from SF.

After the game at the best rated ballpark in MLB, your last game involves a 751 Miles journey to Chase Field in Arizona.

if you make this trip be a world record, than you are a superstar!

This voyage racks 19000 Miles in 25 days.  You would need one constant driver (other than the streak chaser), and perhaps several more others coming and going. 

Gas alone will cost you about $1500 – and tolls have to near the $500 mark.  Parking…Ughhh..  Another $300 at minimum for the stadiums, and likely another $100 just for city parking.

These streaks are not for the faint of heart.

I will monitor the time of games for both this streak prototype, and of course the 30 in 21 trip I wrote up to chase my record.  It is a great way to learn US Geography.

Thanks for reading and happy ballpark chasing in 2014

1st installment of this 2 parter here

2009 Trip where I all 30 MLB Parks in 24 Days to set a new Guinness Record for quickest human alive ton do it (Old Mark was 26 days).  Have Since shaved it to 23 days.

2009 Trip where I all 30 MLB Parks in 24 Days to set a new Guinness Record for quickest human alive ton do it (Old Mark was 26 days). Have Since shaved it to 23 days.

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