LA Dodgers Payroll In 2013: And Contracts Going Forward

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Thursday Mar.28/2013

Adrian Gonzalez flew into LA last year  and paid immediate dividends as he clubbed a 3 run HR in the 1st Inning with his new team. Gonzalez is in the 3rd year of a 7 YR/154 Million Dollar Contract. At age 30, he is a career .294 hitter with 214 HRs and 750 RBI in 1176 Games.  Perhaps a full season back in California will re – ignite his MVP like numbers with the Padres during the 2009 and 2010 seasons – where he hit 71 HRs, drove in 200 RBI and hit for an OPS well over .900.  He also is a 3 Time Gold Glove Award Winner in the National League.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst And Website Owner):

I must say I am completely shocked at the Dodgers spending as much money as they are since the ownership change.  I listened to Magic say how he ‘was not going to do anything stupid’, I will give him this much.  However, the amount of payroll the team has taken on is enormous.  The Dodgers are going to be over 200 Million Dollars in Payroll for years to come. 

After I put their top ten salaries on the board, I will break down the rest of the roster to analyze some more projections for salary.  The Dodgers have about 218 Million Dollars in signed contracts. 

If you can believe this next part, they even are paying Manny Ramirez 8.33 Million Dollars still in 2013, Andruw Jones 3.375 Million and Huroki Kuroda 2.0 Million.  That is roughly 13 Million Dollars on guys that are no longer in your organization.

Back to the trades that have brought in several players.  I do agree for the mentality of it.  The Dodgers fans were given a raw deal by the past management and the new guys are showing the rest of the MLB that they intend to be the big dog. 

With Cole Hamels re-signing with the Phillies, their coveted starter was no longer available in Free Agency.  Gonzalez was there to be had if they would take on the Carl Crawford/Josh Beckett contracts. 

The team went out and signed Zack  Greinke (15 – 5 with a 3.48 ERA split between the Brewers and Angels)  instead.

Here is a nice highlight clip of Carl Crawford below.  As a side note:  The only inside the park Home Run I have ever witnessed at a game live was hit by Carl Crawford at Us Cellular Field in 2008.  He was one of the best lead-off hitters back then.

Carl Crawford Highlights – Mature Lyrics So Parental Guidance is Advised:

Josh Beckett brought over a career record of 130-92 to the LA Dodgers. He was only 24-24 in the last 3 seasons.   He went 2 – 3 with a 2.93 ERA in 7 Games Stared for LA. Beckett should be okay as the 3rd or 4th starter for the club behind Kershaw, Greinke and Billingsley  Beckett brings Post Season experience with 13 Career Starts in the playoffs.


1.  Adrian Gonzalez  21.0

2.  Matt Kemp 20.3

3.  Carl Crawford 20.0

4. Zack Greinke 19.0

5.  Josh Beckett 15.8

6.  Hanley Ramirez 15.5

7.  Andre Ethier 13.5

8.  Ted Lilly 13.5

9.  Clayton Kershaw 11.3

10.  Chad Billingsley 11.0

The Top 10 Players will make roughly 161 Million Dollars

The Rest of the team that is signed:

11.   Manny Ramirez *** 8.5

12.  Juan Uribe 7.0

13. Aaron Harang 7.0

14.  Chris Capuano 6.0

15. Brandon League 5.5

16.  Mark Ellis 5.3

17. Matt Guerrier 3.8

18.  Jerry Hairston Jr. 3.8

19. Yasiel Puig 3.7 

20. Hyun-Jin Ryu 3.3

21.  Andruw Jones*** 3.2

22. J.P. Howell 2.9

23.  Hiroki Kuroda *** 2.0

24. A.J. Ellis 2.0

25.  Nick Punto 1.5

26. Skip Schumaker 1.5

27.  Ronald Belisario 1.5

*** No longer with the team and bought out.

Dead Money

28. Tony Gwynn Jr. 1.2 Million

29. Juan Rivera 500 K

30.  Mike MacDougal 350 K

31.  Todd Coffey 300 K

32. Matt Treanor 150 K

Club Control Minimum (6) and Draft Picks/Entry Level contract more than minimum (2):

31.  Kenley Jansen

32.  Dee Gordon

34.  Luis Cruz

35.  Scott Elbert

36.  Josh Wall

37.  Elian Herrera

38.  Alex Castellanos

39.  Stephen Fife

40. Tim Federowicz

They will probably sign a few more players too.  The luxury tax starts at $178 Million.  1st penalty is 22.5 % or about 10 Million for projected 2013 Dodgers Payroll of 232 Million Dollars.  2014 the threshold goes to 189 Million, they will encounter a 30% penalty for going over the threshold and pay around $10 Million again.  3rd offense or higher and they are in the Yankees territory for 40% every year.

The vacated UFA’s and Paid out players equals 9 players, add Juan Rivera for a total of 10 players that are gone.  This leaves you with 27 Men and about 232 Million Dollars worth of payroll.  The Dodgers should have the highest payroll in the MLB.  Yankees may be higher depending on what they end up doing.  At the least, the Dodgers will be biggest in the NL.

With Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly, Chris Capuano ,Zack Greinke, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Aaron Harang all locked up for this year, you really only need marginal production out of Beckett.  They may keep them all or look to deal Ted Lilly perhaps.

On the plus side, based on what kind of resurgence has happened in A.J. Burnett‘s career, maybe a move to the National League, along with being out of Boston and the AL East, you have to think that Josh Beckett has a chance to bounce back. 

With Carl Crawford, Tommy John surgery doesn’t take as long to recover from and he should be able to return early in the season.  That will be an impressive outfield with Kemp, Ethier and Crawford.  I think getting out of Boston and going to a relaxing city is just what Carl Crawford needs as a low-key guy.  If he returns to 80% of the player he was in Tampa Bay, the Dodgers would be happy. 

So that brings us to Gonzalez.  He is a top 2 First baseman in the whole MLB. 

I might only take  Prince Fielder before him and you can make the argument that Gonzalez is a better all around player.  With apologies to Albert Pujols.  I base this on the fact that Adrian Gonzalez is three years younger  than the Angels slugger and has hit for a better average over the last 2 years. 

Another thing is that Gonzalez, Crawford, Ethier and Kemp all are signed on the dotted line until 2017.  This provides a great core of talent the fan base will be excited to see.  I would be amazed if the Dodgers don’t start drawing over 4 million fans again starting this year.  With Clayton Kershaw and Billingsley being on the club for a couple of more years, you should be able to take a good run at a couple of World Series. 

The Wild Card is Hanley Ramirez.  He will make 31 Million Dollars over the next 2 years and I am of the belief that he will be motivated to play at an ALL-Star caliber clip once he comes back from injury. 

You still have Juan Uribe signed for next year and he will probably split time with at Third with Nick Punto and Jerry Hairston Jr.  Gordon has only played Shortstop but look for him to convert to Third Base. The odd man out is Dee Gordon.

Luiz Cruz will start out the year at Shortstop.

At some point this season the team may call up ‘Phenom’ Yasiel Puig to help the offense, hitting for a 3 Slash Line of .523/.508/.1.351 in 57 Spring Training At-Bats.  At least the club has someone to call on if injuries plague the franchise this year.

Mark Ellis will be your starting Second baseman until 2014 and you have A.J. Ellis as an ever-steadily improving Catcher. 

The closer, Kenley Jansen; is up for Arbitration this year and we will see how many chances he receives too close now that the team has Brandon League manning the duties for now.

The Dodgers should be able to generate enough revenue to pay for all these guys (9 Guys making at least 11 Million this year!) With increased attendance, huge new TV Rights deal and a Superstar Latin Player in Gonzalez to help sell a pile of merchandise.  I am most happy for Don Mattingly, who up until this trading frenzy, had been making chicken salad out of chicken s—!

Mattingly better hope they win at a great clip in the next few years or he will be out of a job.  At least it is nice for the fans to have owners willing to put a great product on the field.  After all, it has been 24 Years since Kirk Gibson and the LA Dodgers were World Series Champs.  The time to win is now for the Dodgers.

Make Sure you come back on today, when I break down the organization from the Minors to the Major Leagues.

Clayton Kershaw is 61-37 with a 2.79  ERA in his career so far. He is going to be Arbitration Eligible for the 2014 season.  He has won back to back ERA Titles in the Nationals League and was the NL Cy Young Award Winner in 2011 and the Runner – up for 2012.  What will it take to re-sign the player moving forward?  The Dodgers will not take any prisoners in signing players to long term deals.  Even with the team being valued at 1.62 Billion  by Forbes and them spending about half a billion more than that for the franchise.

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Ben Fallon (Left) and Chuck booth (Right)  at Nats Park (Patriots Day 2012)

Ben Fallon (Left) and Chuck booth (Right) at Nats Park (Patriots Day 2012)

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