Tampa Bay Rays Payroll 2013 And Contracts Going Forward: Part 4 Of A 5 Part Rays Series

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Sunday Mar.03/2013

Will ascended onto the PCL scene last year and ripped out 24 HRs in just 99 Games at Omaha.  The Rays will be counting on him for their offensive future

Will Myers ascended onto the PCL scene last year and ripped out 24 HRs in just 99 Games at Omaha. The Rays will be counting on him for their offensive future.  As a Controllable Player for years, he changes the Salary structure of the Team to Lower the committed dollars from what Shields and Davis would have made.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

New Changes to the old article in Purple: 

I am of the belief that the Andrew Friedman and Stu Sternberg have been the ‘model franchise’ in the MLB over the last 5 years.  Not only do they compete in the vaunted AL East versus the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, but they have made the playoffs 3 times in that span, including a World Series Loss to the Philadelphia in the 2008 year.  Had Evan Longoria not been hurt for the majority of the season, one could argue that the club was poised to make another playoff appearance.  So how are they doing this?  Their team payroll is roughly one-third of the Yankees and the 40 % of the Red Sox total Payroll.  The Rays are smart enough to let their higher priced Free Agents walk, or even trading them before they are due significant pay raises. 

They are also using the philosophy of the ‘John Hart‘ Indians of the Pre-Milennium Cleveland Indians.  Once it was established that Evan Longoria could play at the MLB Level, they signed him to an 8 year contract.  They did the same thing with Starting Pitching Matt Moore last year with a 5 year deal for the rookie based on one playoffs of decent pitching.  It is a risk sometimes to do this, yet the rewards can save you Millions in future payroll if they player outperforms his contract.

Rays Highlights 2012 Mature Lyrics so Parental Guidance Is advised:

Evan Longoria appeared in only 74 Games after suffering an injury in Apr. In those contests, the Rays were 47-27 (.635). With him for a full season next year the club should contend for the AL East.  He just signed an extension through 2022.

With limited revenues generated playing out of Tropicana Field, it will be tough to keep doing this year after year, however the management had the good foresight to see the MLB game switching back to more pitching and defense.  With some of the best players on the club locked up under team control, they could also use one or two of their pitchers to acquire a big bat in the foreseeable future. 

The Rays have entire control with their main players with Club Options to be used at their own discretion as the next few years unfold as you will see in this article.  It is a brilliant move by the brass as they can cut ties with the player at any point and make him a Free Agent if their production falls off.  It is a reason I see this club competing for a playoff spot every year of this decade!

Top Tampa Bay Rays Payroll 2013 in Millions Signed Players:

David Price SP:  (10.1)  Price is a Super ‘2’ Free Agent and l commanded a salary in the 10.0 Million Dollar range for the year based on his ‘CY Young’ performance in 2012.  If he has another great year in 2013, he will be entering the Tim Lincecum pay-scale for Arbitration Eligible players that have reached the 20 Million Dollars per year salary without hitting Free Agency.  He is eligible to be a Free Agent in 2016.

Evan Longoria 3B:  (6.0) Past This year, Longoria is signed through the 2023 Year at 11 More Years and 125 Million More Dollars.  Extension was signed in November to extend the contract from 2016 to potentially 2023,  The contract ends in 2022, but there is a 13 Million Dollar Team Option in 2023 or a 5 Million Dollar Buyout.)  It breaks down like this in years succession after 2013 in $MIL.  7.5/11.0/11.5/13.0/13.5/14.5/15.0/18.5/19.0/ and then his option.

Ben Zobrist 2B/RF/SS:  (5.6) After the 2013 year, the team has a 7.0 MIL Club Option for 2014 and a 7.5 MIL Club Option for 2015 – before Free Agency is granted in 2016.

Yunel Escobar  SS:  (5.0) Escobar has 2 Team Options in consecutive years for 5 MIL in 2014 and 2015.  If he under-performs in 2013, look for the Rays to walk away from him.

Roberto Hernandez SP:  3.25 (AKA Fausto Carmona) signed a 1 Yr Deal with Tampa.  He was 19-8, with a 3.06 ERA in the 2007 ALCS run for the Indians.  You take out that year – and they guy has been abysmal!  How bad you ask? …. 34-61 and an ERA over 5 the rest of his career…Yikes..  Although he is a good insurance option for the franchise this year.  You can never have enough Starting  Pitchers,  (especially with Niemann coming off of an injury plagued 2012.)

Joel Peralta RP:  3.0 (Peralta also is signed for 3.0 Million in 2014.)

Jeff Niemann SP:  (3.0)  Niemann still has 2 years left of eligibility for Arbitration.  Only starting 8 games due to shoulder stiffness in 2012  kept his contract raise pretty low (200K) for this year.  He is eligible to be a Free Agent in 2015.

Ryan Roberts 2B/LF/3B:  (2.9)  Roberts is another ‘Super 2’ Free Agent.  His is versatile to play 3 positions, however his poor 2013 did not see him receive much of a pay raise.  He is  Arbitration Eligible in 2014 – 2015 then he gets  to be a Free Agent in 2016.

Luke Scott 1B/DH:  (2.75)  As a Super 2 Free Agent last year, Scott signed with the Rays.  He drove in 55 RBI in just 314 AB.  He only hit .225 (including an 0-40 stretch) and his OBP was only .285.  This led the club to buy out his 2nd year of the deal for 1 Million Dollars, instead of paying him 6 MIL for 2013.  They saved $2.25 MIL by initially buying him out.  He will be a Free Agent after this year once again.

Fernando Rodney RP:  (2.5) Rodney is on the last year of his 2 YR/5 Million Dollar Contract.  What a bargain for a guy who Saved 48 Games last year while sporting a 0.60 ERA.

Kelly Johnson 2B/LF: (2.45) Signing this versatile veteran was a good move for Tampa Bay at the price and year term.  Johnson has a Career 3 Slash of .255/.338/.767 in 7 seasons – and is a definite offensive upgrade over Reid Brignac.

Matt Joyce RF:  (2.45)  Joyce more than quadrupled his pay in 2013 with being Arbitration Eligible.  His career OPS is .810 – and is perfect for the ball club’s philosophy.  He is Arbitration Eligible for 2014 – 2015,  then he is eligible for Free Agency in 2016.

James Loney 1B:  (2.0) Loney signed a 1 YR Deal and made it possibly to spend money elsewhere.

Jose Molina C:  (1.8) Jose Molina is a great value for one more year at this rate of pay before F ree Agency.  He is the best defensive catcher in the AL -and the team featured an ERA under 3.00 in the second half of 2012.)

Kyle Farnsworth RP:  (1.25)  Farnsworth gives them a steady veteran – who has appeared in 97 Games in the last 2 years – while sporting a 2.76 ERA for the franchise.  He is also insurance in case injury prone ‘Closer’ Rodney should go down.  Farnsworth towed the hill for 25 Saves during the 2011 campaign.

Matt Moore SP:  (1.1) Matt Moore had a wicked second half after a  slow start to his rookie campaign.  He has 4 years left on his contract with 10.3 MIL owed to him.  There is also Club Options for 2017 (7.0 MIL), 2018 (8.0 MIL) and 2019 (10.0 MIL.)

Sean Rodriguez 2B/3B/SS/DH:  (1.0)  Rodriguez has failed at the MLB level with a career .225 AVG in 1200 AB.  He does play 3 positions and will likely be kept going forward.  He doubles his salary of last season.

These 17 players will only cost the club  Apporximately 56.0 Million Dollars in Payroll.

Matt Moore had a solid second half of the 2012 Year with a 6-5 Record, plus a 3.01 ERA and may move the depth chart on the starting rotation if a trade is made with another one of the Rays starting pitchers for the 2013 season. Moore is in the 2nd year of a 5 YR/14.0 Million Dollar Contract.

Pre-Arbitration Eligible and Major League Minimum Contracts:

Jeremy Hellickson SP:  (491 K)  At a career Record of 27-21 so far with a 3.06 ERA.  Hellickson is not eligible for Arbitration until 2014 and is a Free Agent in 2017.

Sam Fuld  OF:  (489 K)  He is one of the most popular players on the club.  Fuld will be retained as a super utility OF.  He has 29 SB and 78 Runs in 537 Career AB.  He is eligible for Arbitration in 2014 and for Free Agency in 2017.

Desmond Jennings CF:  (487 K)  Jennings will take over full CF duties with the departure of Upton.  He is Arbitration Eligible in 2015 and only will be granted Free Agency in 2018.

Jake McGee RP:  (484 K)  This Relief Pitcher has gone 10-5 with a 2.74 ERA in 88 IP with the club so far and will be a mainstay for years to come in the bullpen.  He is Arbitration Eligible in 2015 and a Free Agent in 2018.

Jose Lobaton C:  (482 K)  This guy is the proto-typical backup Catcher in the Majors.  He is not eligible for Arbitration until 2015 and wont be a Free Agent until 2018.  If the Rays do not sign Molina to a long-term deal after 2013, he may see more AB.

Robinson Chirinos C/1B:  (480 K)  Will likely not be up with the big club as he was hurt all of the 2012 year in the Minors.  He needs to have some AB down in Durham next year before any call up would come.

Josh Lueke RP:  (480 K)  After a decent season with the Mariners in 2012, he was traded to the Rays for C/DH John Jaso.  He was ineffective and sent to the minors were he sported a 5.59 ERA for the year.  He may get a chance to make the club in 2013 but don’t bet on it.  Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019.

Rich Thompson PR/OF:  (480 K)  This guy coins the term ‘Cup of Coffee’ with 23 AB and a .087 Average (2 hits).  At 33, is not likely to be given a roster spot in 2013. He has  not started his Service time clock in the MLB yet.

Alex Torres RP:  (480 K) After a small stint in 2011 with the Rays, this guy held a 7.30 ERA for the Durham Bulls.  The club will likely leave him in the minors for some more seasoning in 2013.  His status for Arbitration year is still TBD

Chris Gimenez C/1B/DH:  (480 K ) In 100 AB last year over 3 positions, Gimenez hit .260 with TB.  He should make the club’s 25 Man Roster out of spring training.  Arbitration Eligible in 2014 and a Free Agent in 2017.

Stephen Vogt C:  (480 K)  In 25 AB with the big club, Vogt was hit-less and will likely not break Spring Training with the team next year.  Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019

Cesar Ramos RP:  (480 K)  The man featured a 2.10 ERA in 3o Innings Pitched for the Rays in 2o12.  He is eligible for Arbitration in 2014 and will be a Free Agent in 2017.

Dane De La Rosa RP:  (480 K) De La Rosa was a Sept Call-up and carried an 12.6 ERA in 5 games and 5 Innings.  He may have a chance to make the club in April.  Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019

Alex Cobb SP:  (414 K)  Alex Cobb went 11-9 and a 4.03 ERA with TB in 23 starts.  His strong rookie campaign may help the management trade a veteran starter (or even him) for another bat.  Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019

Chris Archer SP:  (414 K)  Archer received 4 starts for the club and went 1-3 with a 4.60 ERA.  Depending if the team trades a veteran or not, he may make the club out of spring training.  Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019. Ranked #45 of prospects by Baseball America in 2013.

Brandon Gomes RP:  (414 K)  Gomes had a great 2011 year with a 2.92 ERA in 40 Games.  In 2012, the guy struggled to start the year and was sent to the Minors before being called up in Sept.   Arbitration Eligible in 2015 and a Free Agent in 2018.

Jake Odorizzi  RP  (480 K)  Odorizzi came over with Myers in the Royals trade.  He is Arbitration Eligible in 2016 and a Free Agent in 2019.  Ranked #45 of prospects by Baseball America in 2013.

Wil Myers RF:  Wil Myers will make some serious money one day, for right now his on an Entry-Level Contract.  The clock has not started on this elite prospect.  Ranked #4 by Baseball America in 2013.

Mike Montgomery SP:  He came over with Wil Myers in the big player deal.  In 2012, he was ranked #31 of baseball prospects by Baseball America before a sub-par campaign.  The clock has not started on this prospect.

Tim Beckham SS:  His Arbitration Status and is yet to be decided.  He was ranked #92 for prospects out of the 2012 year.  He only had a .686 OPS for Durham – which hindered his stock.

Wilking Rodriguez RP:  The clock has not started on this prospect. He has served 6 years in the Minors so far.  He is not expected to break camp with the club.

Hak-Ju Lee SS  The clock has not started on this elite prospect.  He is ranked #56 by Baseball America in 2013.  He may see some time with the big club this season.

22 Players (Only 8 will smooth out the roster – and make around 4.0 Million in 2013 to make the Payroll 66.0 Million after this category. These guys should all make the 40 – Man Roster.  Some of them will still make the big $$ at the Major League Level though.

This brings the total team Payroll projected to be 61.5-65.0 Million.

Going Forward: 

Look for them to a player or two (maybe even 3 of them) out of Jeff Niemann, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Joyce or Ryan Roberts.  The only big significant bump to the 2014 year will come about with another Arbitration hearing for David Price.  Probably add another $5-8 MIL for the following year.  Sam Fuld, Sean Rodriguez and Chris Gimenez also will see themselves Arbitration Eligible and may be shown the door via trade before this.  With Wil Myers, Chris Archer,  Hak-Ju Lee and Jake Odorizzi all ranked in the top 50 for prospects, it is only a matter of time before they bust onto the squad.  There will possibly be another trade in the 2013 winter – much like the one we saw in 2012.

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The many Rays Logo's over the years.  Is the best of this franchise yet to come?

The many Rays Logo’s over the years. Is the best of this franchise yet to come?

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