Ryan Braun: Setting His Sights As An ALL-Time Brewers Great

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Thursday January 3rd, 2013

Ryan Braun's 162 Game Average is scary for Pitches.  .37 HRs, 118 RBI, 113 Runs Scored, 41-2B, 23 SB, 200 Hits and a .313/.374/.943 Slash Line

Ryan Braun’s 162 Game Average is scary for Pitches. .37 HRs, 118 RBI, 113 Runs Scored, 41-2B, 23 SB, 200 Hits and a .313/.374/.943 Slash Line.

Ben Dobson ( Baseball Writer and Brewers Correspondent):

1982….Mention this date to any Brewers fan and immediately you will witness a smile and a nod of the head. Very little has to be said that isn’t communicated with that simple smile and subtle shake of the head. Harvey’s Wallbangers; Cecil Cooper, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Gorman Thomas and Ben Oglivie to name a few. Coming off a (3-2) AL Division Series loss to the Yankees in 81′ the Brewers stormed in to 82′ ready to make amends. The Brewers began 82′ slowly going (23-24), thus Harvey Kuenn replaced Buck Rodgers. The Brewers made history going forward posting a (72-43) record leading the league in runs and HRs. This team poured it all out on the field before losing in Game 7 of the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals. Yount, Molitor and Cooper will forever be household names associated with the epic ’82 team.

Fast-Forward 26 years….2008 & 2011….The Brewers finally made it back to the postseason. This time the club was led by Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks. These were both magical years but neither year ended in a World Series appearance. The constant and consistent cog of these two playoff teams was Ryan Braun. The “Hebrew Hammer” lead the team in batting both playoff years and put up power numbers as well as speed numbers. This perennial All-Star continues to perform as one of the best in the game, but how does Ryan Braun compare to the 82′ heroes of Yount, Molitor and Cooper. The following statistics were taken during 6 consecutive seasons for each player (only exception is the 84′ season for Molitor who was limited to 13 games, 85′ season was substituted).

Ryan Braun Highlights in 2012:  Suggestive Mature Lyrics-Parental Guidance Advised:


Ryan  Braun has been one of the most consistent hitters in MLB again over the last 5 years and has won 5 straight Silver Slugger Awards has made 5 straight ALL-Star Appearances

Braun has been one of the most consistent hitters in MLB again over the last 5 years and has won 5 straight Silver Slugger Awards has made 5 straight ALL-Star Appearances.


 Runs:                       Hits:                     Hone Runs:           RBIs:  

  Braun-614           Cooper-1108                Braun-202            Braun-643

  Yount-579             Braun-1089              Cooper-134           Cooper-602

Molitor-538             Yount-1010                 Yount-103             Yount-461

Cooper-522            Molitor-928                 Molitor-64            Molitor-284


Stolen Bases                 Average:                          On-Base%:  

 Molitor-180                     Braun-.314                           Braun-.374

  Braun-126                    Cooper-.312                          Molitor-.357

    Yount-75                      Yount-.295                          Cooper-.351

  Cooper-49                     Molitor-.294                           Yount-.344

Looking at these basic comparisons it would appear that Ryan Braun is the “best” Brewers player in the history of the franchise. But most of us know better and realize this is a very small statistical sample of 6 seasons in each of these players careers. Yount, Molitor and Cooper all had long careers and had consistent if not excellent performance numbers throughout. Ryan Braun will soon begin his 7th season in Major League Baseball and hopes to continue the pace that he is currently on:

 2007: 91 runs, 146 hits, 34 HRs, 97 RBIs, 15 SB, .324 Avg, .370 OBP

2008: 92 runs, 174 hits, 37 HRs, 106 RBIs, 14 SB, .285 Avg, .335 OBP

2009: 113 runs, 203 hits, 32 HRs, 114 RBIs, 20 SB, .320 Avg, .386 OBP

2010: 101 runs, 188 hits, 25 HRs, 103 RBIs, 14 SB, .304 Avg, .365 OBP

2011: 109 runs, 187 hits, 33 HRs, 111 RBIs, 33 SB, .332 Avg, .397 OBP

2012: 108 runs, 191 hits, 41 HRs, 112 RBIs, 30 SB, .319 Avg, .391 OBP

2013: 106 runs, 200 hits, 37 HRs, 115 RBIs, 35 SB, .329 Avg, .390 OBP

With these numbers stretched out over another 10 or 12 years in Major League Baseball, Ryan Braun will become the most talented player to ever play the game of baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers. When you combine the All-Star Appearances (20), MVP’s (3), Silver Slugger Awards (15), a Rookie Of The Year Award and (2) Hall of Famer’s, you have a group of players that could rival any team’s past or current All-Stars. When comparing Yount, Molitor, Cooper and Braun it is nearly impossible to decide who is or was the “best.” Milwaukee Brewers fans have been, and always will be proud just to say these four players played for the greatest team in baseball in one of the greatest baseball cities in the United States.

When watching a game at Miller Park you can’t help but notice the numbers that will forever be enshrined in Milwaukee baseball history. Bob Uecker, #4 Paul Molitor, #19 Robin Yount, #34 Rollie Fingers, #44 Hank Aaron and #42 Jackie Robinson (Major League-wide). Twenty years from now I can see my son writing a similar article to this but with one addition; the list of retired numbers will include #8 Ryan Braun. #8 will forever be cemented in Milwaukee Brewers history and stories of success, skill and performance will be passed from generation to generation.

It was too bad that Prince  Fielder couldn't have stayed a Brewer as they could have been a force for many more years to cone

It was too bad that  couldn’t have stayed a Brewer as they could have been a force for many more years to cone

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

A big thank-you goes out to our Brewers Correspondent Ben Dobson for preparing today’s featured article.  Ben is from Janesville, WI. He works for the County Government in working with at-risk youth in the community. he works with the youth in the Middle Schools as well as out in the community running groups. Ryan Braun is far and away his favorite baseball player. The anticipation of Spring Training help the long winters pass here in Wisconsin.  Baseball is the “only” sport you can sit outside, relax, talk with friends, cookout, and listen to on the radio and still have the feeling you are at the game. Baseball is a game that brings people together. Nothing compares to those warm summer nights listening to Bob Uecker on the radio.  Ben says “GO BREWERS!”  Feel free to follow Ben on twitter and talk the game of baseball

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