Nick Swisher to Washington: The Nationals Are Looking to Add a Key Free Agent Bat to Their Lineup

Tuesday November 13th, 2012

Kyle Holland:  On Saturday, the Nationals announced that they were re-signing manager Davey Johnson for the 2013 season. With the Nats clearing up the managerial situation it leaves the rest of their offseason for signing free agents. One free agent they will start with is outfielder/first baseman Nick Swisher.

Swisher would be a great fit in a Washington uniform. He just recently rejected the Yankees offer of $13.3 million for one more year in New York. With Adam LaRoche declining his qualifying offer from the Nationals, they could let him walk and sign Swisher. Swisher has been known to play first base along with his usual outfield, so he could be a great replacement for LaRoche. Added versatility is always a bonus in today’s game.

Swisher would be a great leader in the National’s clubhouse. He’s proven he can lead a clubhouse, just look at him. The guy’s always smiling and loves what he does. He would be a great leader for the young squad from Washington. His teammates love him. The fans love him. The media loves him. A win-win all around.

Bryce Harper, 20, could look up to a leader like Nick Swisher in the clubhouse. Harper has yet to prove himself as a big league star. Although he had a fantastic rookie year, he has a lot to prove before he can be the team leader everyone thinks he can be. Nick Swisher is the perfect guy to help in his journey to become a star. Considering that Swisher is about to become a dad this spring, he should be extremely focused, grounded and determined to lead by example. Fatherhood has a way of maturing young men, including ballplayers. With the new baby on the way, the next step in Nick Swisher’s career is another World Series ring. While he earned one in 2009, Nick Swisher has been anything but a beast in the playoffs. With a new team and fresh start, Nick Swisher should be ready to finally shed those playoff demons that have haunted him in recent years.

Having flexibility in the outfield and at first base adds value for Swisher. He can be used at either position for the Nats and be trusted to get the job done no problem. He has proven that he is consistent at both positions. The Nats can use him everyday while giving someone else a day off with his flexibility in any outfield spot and first.

With the addition of interleague play all year round, Swisher could be a DH in the American League parks. Swisher hit .272 with 24 home runs in 2012. He had a .364 OBP, which would be perfect for a designated hitter. He could hit before someone like Jayson Werth. Werth hit .300 in 81 games in his shortened season in 2012. He could be an RBI machine with Swisher following him. It could prove to be perfect 2, 3 hitters or 3, 4 hitters. Add Bryce Harper into the mix and you have a solid offense going.

Now come the talks about a contract.  Swisher is looking for a multi-year deal and is looking for some serious cash. A four-year deal could be in Swisher’s future. He most likely won’t get anymore than $15 million a year, so a four-year deal worth $60 million seems to be Swisher’s best bet. He would love to obtain a $100+ million contract, but the only way that will happen is if one team chooses to overspend to obtain him. Unlikely, but you never know.

This would be a great way to start off the free agent season for Washington. Swisher is the perfect fit for the Nats and has expressed interest in joining the team before. The Nats are going to have to fight off and make better offers than other teams interested in Swisher including San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Washington is sure to make a very good offer to Swisher. Next year don’t be surprised to see Nick Swisher making a difference in the nation’s capitol.

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  1. Interesting move idea… Swish would fit well into Washington’s clubhouse, but I’m unsure how willing the Lerners would be to put more big free agent bucks into their outfield with so much going towards Werth.

  2. Athougjh NickSwisher had a great run in Newyork it’s time for him to go .I believe he is a good ballplayer but he isn t a Super star One needs to remember He surranded by Stars All much better ball players than him .His presence in the Clubhouse was good there is no dening this .His performance in the playoffs and the World Series left much to be desired I believe he has priced himself out of Newyork with his current demands .We will miss him but he repacingable .I wouldn’t give him any three year contact and it wouldn’t be big money either but some team will and they will regret it as Nick will as he won’t find anyplace else what he had in Newyork.One needs to remember prior to Newyork he was a ordinary player at best .Goodbye. Nick and Thanks for the memories

  3. It’s time for him to go .Let’s get this over with .In my view he is average ball player who performed above his normal standard Because it wasNewyork and the Yankees.If you look at his career numbers this tell the story .The Yankees and Newyork made him what he is today in my view this will not be repeated some place else therefore who ever signs him to new contract will over paying him for his Yankees years That being said even if Nick wanted to stay I feel we gotton all we can get therefore he leaves with us wishing him well

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