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Ricky Romero Is Almost Half-Way to Anthony Young’s MLB Record of 27 Straight Losses

Friday, September.14/2012

Ricky Romero started the year out 8-1 and was poised to have his best win season of his career. He has lost 13 straight decisions since.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

Ricky Romero has had a brutal season.  Lets not lose the sight that he has lost 13 games in row here.  He also was 8-1 to start the year.  You must look at the numbers though.  He was sporting an ERA of nearly 5 when that took place, so he was simply being bailed out by the first half offense.  The Jays were killing the ball before the ALL-Star Break.  It only has been since the offense dried up with injuries that Romero started tail spinning.  Seeing a great young pitcher struggle with confidence is not foreign to the Jays.  Roy Halladay nearly through a no-hitter in his first start during his rookie year.  The phenom battled serious control issues and was sent back down all the way to A ball in order to fix his mechanics.  This ultimately saved Halladay’s career.  I am not saying that will have to happen with Romero.  He needs to grind through his last few starts.  Hopefully he can end the year off on a good note by erasing this losing streak.

 ‘On the Black.’ talks about the streak with  They own this video and not the MLB Reports.

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Time For the Nationals to Shut Down Jordan Zimmermann: Why Stop at Strasburg?

Friday September 14th, 2012

Jonathan Hacohen:  Before fans of the Nationals start to write any angry comments in respect of this article, please do me one favor.  Stop. Read the article in its entirety and then pass judgement. That’s the least I can ask from each of you.

Now that being said, I have a bone to pick with the Nationals. While I love the game with a passion, I also need to separate the fan in me from the writer. When it comes to the topic of Stephen Strasburg, I honestly have a hard time doing that. Shutting down Stephen Strasburg to me is like ripping up the winning lottery ticket. You just don’t do it. Too many stars have aligned this season for the Nationals, to have the season put into possible jeopardy due to a decision that could have been avoided. Putting it bluntly- Stephen Strasburg should be pitching right now. To the end of the season. And throughout the playoffs. You just don’t take out your ace when you don’t need to.

I have talked with colleagues, players, fans…everyone and anyone who has an opinion on the subject. Believe me, there are many of them. If I had to take an informal poll of say 200 people with knowledge on the game, about 195 are against the move. Plain and simple. In my eyes, it seems that everyone sees the logic to keep him pitching (including Strasburg himself), except GM Mike Rizzo and manager Davey Johnson. Even Johnson I am not that sure about. How often do you criticize your boss? Exactly. Read the rest of this entry

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