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Sunday June.24/2012

‘Hammering’ Hank passed the legendary Babe Ruth as the ALL-Time HR leader in 1974. Some still feel that he is the ALL-Time HR leader with the admitted steroid use from Leader Barry Bonds. –Photo courtesy of goldenagebaseballcards

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)-  Seemingly gone are the days where most of the MLB players stick with one team for their whole careers.  As of right now there are not too many superstars that have spent their entire careers with one organization.  Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are 1st ballot Hall of Famers.  Chipper Jones should make the BBHOF.  Todd Helton is close to retiring but I am not sure the voters will see him worthy.  There are some promising chances that Ryan Braun and David Wright might play their entire careers with their current clubs, however with Braun’s PED fiasco last year I just don’t see him entering Cooperstown.  Wright must re-sign with the ownership hemorrhaging, this will prove hard for the Wilpons funds thanks to Bernie Madoff.  When it comes to starting pitching, the list is shrunken that much further.  Justin Verlander is the active win leader with a player only having played for one team.  He has 114 wins with the Tigers, anybody above him on the active ALL-Time Wins list has pitched for multiple teams already.  The next active leader for one team pitched for is Ervin Santana with 91 wins for the Angels franchise.  Felix Hernandez has 90 wins for the Mariners.  Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels and Matt Cain have played their entire careers for the same team so far and have CY Young titles amongst them, but have a long way to go in establishing Hall of Fame Careers.

That brings me to my next stat.  There are 9 players in history who have hit 500 HRs or more for one team.  All of them are in the Hall of Fame except for Barry Bonds (who becomes eligible next year.) I am not sure the writers will cast a vote for him because of his steroid use.  When I got the idea for this article, it came to be because I was amazed that Paul Konerko has hit over 400 HRs with the Chicago White Sox.  Again at age 36, Konerko has a look at 500 HRs with the Chicago team.  Right now he can end the season with about 410-420 HRs.  Provided he can play 3-4 years more and have productive seasons, he may reach the milestone.  Chipper Jones is the only other active MLB Player to have 400 HRs with one team.  Larry is slowing down though and will most likely retire after this year. 

So after these guys retire who has a shot?  Ryan Braun should have over 200 HRs at the end of this year and his contract runs for 8  more years with the Brewers.  Justin Morneau has had too many injury problems to ever challenge.  Evan Longoria has 117 HRs with the Rays but he will eventually leave the team one day, especially if he starts racking up 30-40 HR seasons for the next 3 years until free agency.  The best chances may come with Giancarlo Stanton (72 HRs at age 22) with the Marlins and Bryce Harper at 19 could play 20 years with the Nationals, but that is assuming he will never leave when he is an eligible free agent.  All of these guys also play in the NL where it is harder to play into your mid-30’s at a position and stay productive.  David Ortiz has 338 HRs for the Red Sox, yet at age 36, I can’t see him hitting another 162 HRs.  Big Papi does have a chance to hit 500 HRs lifetime with being 104 HRs short as of today. We may never see another player ever hit 500 HRs with one team. As for Barry, I hope you like your legacy Bonds.  You had 443 HRs at age 36 before you started your Performance enhancers!  You could have hit another 250-325 HRs in the 7 years that you had left.  You may have even chased down Aaron anyway without the drugs. 

Career HRs with one team Top 10  HR Rank ALL-Time List in Parenthesis #HR Overall

1.  Hank Aaron MIL/ATL BRAVES  733(2) 755

‘Hammering Hank’ still leads the ALL-time RBI leader board with 2297 to go along with his 755 HRs.  Pretty good for a guy 6 foot, 185 pounds and who used a 28 ounce bat.  Aaron also had to play much of his career with the added pressure of the color barrier having just been broken by Jackie Robinson.  The HR award in both leagues are now called the “Hank Aaron Award.”

The debate still continues decades later, Ruth or Williams for best hitter ever? –Photo Courtesy of Sports Gallery Web.

2.  Babe Ruth NYY 659 (3) 714

How many more would Babe have hit if he wasn’t sparingly used as a pitcher in his Boston days?  ‘The Sultan of Swat’ still owns the best slugging and OPS percentage of all time at .690 and 1.164 respectively.  The ‘Bambino’ led the league 12 times in HRs and hit over 40 round-trippers on 10 occasions.   Ruth won 7 World Series Titles in 10 tries while clubbing 15 HRs in 41 games.  What is even cooler is that he was 94-46 as a pitcher with a 2.28 Lifetime ERA.  How many games could he have won as a pitcher had he kept up?  Ruth was 5-0 for the Yankees and retired with a 1.000 winning percentage.  Ruth was also 3-0 pitching in the World Series in two series with the Red Sox.

3.  Willie Mays NYG/SFG 646 (4) 660

The ‘Say Hey Kid’ was an 18 time ALL-Star, 11 time Gold Glover, Former Rookie of the Year and a 2 time MVP.  Mays also made perhaps the most famous catch of all time (over his shoulders) in the 1954 World Series.  It is referred to as “The Catch.” The New York Giants went onto win the World Series.

4.  Harmon Killebrew WSH/MIN 559 (11) 573

There is the rumor that the MLB Logo is indeed developed with ‘Killer’ in mind.  Until A-Rod passed him, he was the all-time leader in HRs by a right-handed hitter in the AL.  Killebrew led the AL in all 6 seasons he hit 40 plus HRs.

5.  Mike Schmidt PHI 548 (15) 548

Mike Schmidt led the NL in HRs on 7 separate occasions and was a 3 time NL MVP.  The Phillies won the World Series in 1980 and made another appearance in the 1983 Fall Classic.  Schmidt also racked up 12 ALL-Star Appearances and 11 Gold Gloves. Mike Schmidt’s 548 HRs is the most ever for a guy that only played for one franchise.

6.  Mickey Mantle NYY 536 (16) 536

‘The Mick’ led the AL in HRs 4 times, was a 16 time ALL-Star and won 3 MVP titles.  The Yankees made 12 World Series  in Mantle’s first 14 years including 7 titles.  Mantle hit 18 HRs in 65 World Series games.

7.  Ted Williams BOS 521 (T-18TH) 521

How many more HRs would ‘Teddy Ballgame” have hit if he didn’t serve 5 years in the War?  700 HRs was possible.  The “Splendid Splinter” was a 17 time ALL-Star and a 2 time MVP.  He was also a runner-up to the MVP 4 times.  4 times Williams led the league in HRs and is still the last MLB Player to hit .400 by hitting .406 in 1941.

8.  Ernie Banks CHC 512 (T-21) 512

‘Mr. Cub’ is a 2 time MVP and topped the 40 HR mark 5 times in his career. Ernie was a two-time MVP and led the league in HRs twice.  Banks played in every Cub game in 6 of his first 7 years.

T-10. Eddie Matthews 493 MIL/ATL (T-21) 512

Eddie Matthews played 15 years for the MIL/ATL Braves before finishing up with the Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers.  Matthews is a 2 time World Series Winner.  Eddie also led the NL twice in HRs and made 8 straight ALL-Star Appearances between 1954-1962.

T-10  Lou Gehrig NYY 493 (T-26) 493

The Ironman played in 2130 straight games.  The record stood until Cal Ripken beat it in 1995.  Gehrig  hit more than 40 Hrs 4 times and led the league RBI’s 5 times.  The most ridiculous stat is the man averaged 149 RBI’s per year and had 7 years of 150 RBI or more.  At age 35, Gehrig had to retire with ALS (Now named Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Gehrig won 6 World Series in 7 tries and has a .361 Postseason average with a 1.21 OPS.

Lou Gehrig was only 35 when he was diagnosed with ALS in 1939. He had to retire right away and came back for what some would consider ‘the greatest speech of all-time’ on July.4, 1939. It was the “I am the Luckiest Man on the face of the Earth” speech. Gehrig died June.2, 1941 at the age of 37. –Photo courtesy of

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