Barry Enright Interview: Haley Smilow Talks Baseball with the Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher

Thursday June 7th, 2012

Barry Enright was drafted out of Pepperdine University by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second round for the 2007 amateur draft.

The right-handed pitcher made his major league debut on June 30, 2010. He pitched five innings and earned the win that day against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Enright, 26, is in his second season with the Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks’ Triple-A affiliate. Enright was 9-5 with the Aces last season, and is 4-3 with 4.82 ERA (as of June 5) this year.

Haley:  First, congratulations on your engagement.  Have you set a date yet?  And if it is not a surprise where are you going on your honeymoon?  

Barry:  Thank you. We set a date for January 19 2013 in Santa Barbara. We haven’t decided on our honeymoon yet, but our qualification is clear blue warm ocean water.

Haley:  Can you share with us your first memory as a professional?  

Barry:  My first memory as a professional was in Yakima Washington. I gave up an 0-2 double off the wall to start off the inning but proceeded to strike out the side after that. I was a reliever my first half season to keep my innings down, it was a lot of fun.

Haley:  Do you have any rituals or superstitions before or during a game?  

Barry:  I don’t really believe in Superstitions. I just have my routine. From warming up to throwing I find something that gets me ready for the game and stick with that.

Haley:  What pitches are in your throwing rotation?

Barry:  I throw a 2 Seam, 4 Seam FB, Changeup, Slider, and Curveball.

Haley:  What did you do during the off-season?  

Barry:  I worked out hard this off-season. We had out workouts at the stadium in Scottsdale and 4 times a week I would do “two a Days”. This is a big year for me.

Haley:  What players inspired you as a kid?  

Barry:  Loved watching Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez. I was a Big Red Sox fan and those were two of the best.

Haley:  At what age did you start playing baseball?  And did you play on any travel teams.

Barry:  I started playing at the age of 3 but played mostly all of the sports. I started playing travel ball around 13.

Haley:  What part of your game do you feel like you need to improve upon?  

Barry:  I learn something new every year. When you think you know it all you are sure in trouble haha. For me it’s refining the pitches I have and controlling every one of them. Last year my control wasn’t what it should have been. It’s back now though!

Haley:  What is your favorite movie?  

Barry:  My favorite movie is Boondock Saints.

Haley:  What is your favorite candy?  

Barry:  My favorite Candy is a Snickers. Why wait?

Haley:  Do the Diamondbacks have any hazing rituals for rookie pitchers?  

Barry:  Rookies usually dress up the last road trip of the year. I was lucky enough to show my bod off in a speedo.

Haley:  I heard you have a dog name Rawlings, what type of dog is it?  

Barry: Rawlings is a Pitbull/Boxer crazy dog.

Haley:  My family had a Pitbull that just passed away in February they are great dogs and I agree CRAZY.  

Barry: Sorry to hear that!

Haley:  Favorite ballpark food?  

Barry:  Probably the Garlic Fries at AT&T.

Haley:  Favorite restaurant in Stockton, and in Phoenix? And what do your order?  

Barry:  In Stockton my favorite restaurant is probably BJ’s and in Az it’s in Scottsdale called Sapporo. It’s a sushi spot. AWESOME.

Haley:  Any reason you are number 54? And have you always been number 54?  

Barry:  I was given 54 my favorite number which was my dads number is 22.

Haley:  What is the atmosphere like in the bullpen during the game?

Barry:  I’m never in the bullpen I don’t know!

Haley:  Name 5 songs in your iPod that you have on repeat right now?  

Barry:  I’m terrible with song titles but I’m hooked on Avicii & have always listened to Eminem. I listen to pretty much anything though.

Haley:  Do you like any other sports besides baseball?  

Barry:  I love all sports but two favorites are probably golf and football. I miss my football days but get plenty of time on the golf course.

Haley:  If you weren’t playing baseball what else could you see yourself doing?  

Barry:  I probably would be coaching somewhere or doing something that helps younger kids out.

Haley:  At Pepperdine University you have the record for fewest walks allowed per nine innings with 1.58, what are some of your other accomplishments your proud of?

Barry:  There are a few. A lot have to do with my team also. I was fortunate to have a lot of Wins there but to me that’s a team accomplishment, which makes it even better.

Haley:  Do you have a nickname that teamates/fans call you?  

Barry:  Usually Red, Big Red or Ginger, they all work for me haha.

Haley:  What advice would you give to today’s youth?  

Barry:  I would tell the youth to play as many sports as possible growing up until you HAVE to decide on one. Playing everything growing up really helped me become a better athlete.

Intro written by: Chris Gabel – Reno Gazette-Journal
Interview by: Haley Smilow
Picture courtesy of Reno Aces/David Calvert

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Barry Enright

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  1. Haley, another amazing interview…I am coming to enjoy each and everyone..I can see you really turning this into something big…

  2. Haley!!! Always a pleasure to read your informative articles on the players. I’m waiting for the time when one of these guys interviews you 🙂 Continue your great work and keep rising to the top. Can’t wait for your next article.

  3. Great job, Haley. I liked your question about what part of his game he needed to improve. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great job, Haley! You rock! Please keep sharing your great player interviews!

  5. awesome interview Haley!! you come up with really great questions. i am so proud of you. and i see you are growing up into a beautiful young lady too!! keep doing what you love.

  6. Fantastic interview Haley!!! Keep up the great work!!

    -Mr. Yellin

  7. Way to go little Smilow……you are on your way to a wonderful career!

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