Ooh La La Gems: Review of Baseball Jewellery Fit for a Home Run King

Sunday May 13, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:  Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! Today’s feature has the special women in our lives in our mind. Whether it be our own mothers, grandmothers or the mothers of our children, today is the day that we give thanks to women. Giving us life and helping us all grow. Thank you moms!

Now what is the best way to thank moms you ask? Most people go the traditional route, with flowers and chocolate. Good presents…but not great. If you really want to blow away mom and send your appreciation, jewellery is your ticket. Now I now that today is actually mother’s day…so you could be late on the present. But if there is one thing I know about women, it is this: they tend to be very selective in their jewellery choices. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be a very personal choice. Not just for moms and women, but men love their jewellery as well. Especially baseball jewellery for us die-hard fans. So to meet the jewellery needs of everyone, you will need a place with a large selection that customize to all tastes and preferences.

Enter: Marla Barfield. Marla??? Wait a minute. You know Jesse Barfield. The 2-time gold glove winning, home run hitting, arm for a cannon outfielder with the Jays and Yankees. You know Josh Barfield. Second baseman with both the Indians and Padres. You know Jeremy Barfield. Huge prospect with the A’s (no joke, the kid is 6’5″ and 220!) But do you know Marla? Guess what… you do now. Marla Barfield is her name. Ooh La La Gems is her game.

Marla is the straw that stirs the drink in the Barfield household. Baseball mom and wife, this is the lady that is involved in the game throughout the world, with her husband and sons. Now Marla Barfield is ready to make her mark in the baseball world with her quality jewellery products known as “Ooh La La Gems.”

Personally, I have been searching for years to find the “perfect” baseball necklace for myself. I never could find the right fit. All of the necklaces I saw in the market were either poorly constructed, made of inferior materials, didn’t look good or just didn’t fit well. It was a tough search- but it finally ended when I found Ooh La La.

When Technology Field was created on our site, the mandate was as follows:

Welcome to Technology Field, where baseball and technology meet.  Our mission:  to discover the advancements in the greatest sport on the planet, baseball.

In Technology Field, we will be introducing you to the latest inventions, gadgets, toys, bells and whistles in the world of baseball.  Anything that can be used to play baseball, watch baseball, write about baseball etc., we will find it.  At MLB reports, our first love is baseball.  But reporting baseball in style is even better.  All the technological developments in the game that we can get our hands on, will find their way to Technology Field.

Ooh La La Gems was the reason Technology Field was born. Marla Barfield’s jewellery creations are truly a technological advancement. While Marla has jewellery for everyone on your shopping list (including mom), her baseball creations are what spoke to me.  Looking at my prized necklace in front of me, I have to say that the women is a genius. She carefully selected quality colored and shaped beads. She used a high quality silver clasp (yes real silver), and created a necklace that looks great, feels great and is built to last. Sure, you can find a $5 necklace in any corner store. Guess what? They will fall apart within a week (month tops) in most cases. They will fade and stretch. I have been down that road too many times. Never again. Jeremy introduced me to his mother and her artistic creations. Speaking to Marla, I was amazed that Jeremy was wearing his Ooh La La Necklaces playing ball. It doesn’t get more sturdy than that! Diving for ground balls and sliding into bases…if Jeremy’s jewellery can last, anyone’s can. Durability and good looks. My interest was perked to say the least.

Working with Marla in designing my necklace was a pleasure. From ordering the length of necklace, color and shape of beads and confirming the quality of the clasp, Marla listened to my needs and put together a creation that I call baseball jewellery perfection. When Marla knew that I wanted a baseball necklace, her first question was what is my favorite team. When I told her the Tigers (yes…my baseball heart lies in Detroit), she got busy putting together a Tigers necklace. When I saw the pictures, I fell in love with it. She got the perfect shades of blue and orange, but complimented the piece with steely black beads that were larger than the others. Plus, she used a mix of round and rectangular beds, as I had requested something a little unique. When the package arrived, I instantly put it on and was blown away. I had waited years for the right necklace and it was finally arrived. For even the most selective consumer, Marla had come through in the clutch. 

We all can support our teams in wearing jerseys, hats and other team gear. So how about jewellery? Most definitely! Check out the Ooh La La site and start looking for your perfect piece. Do you want a team necklace? Marla can put it together? Baseball beds? She has those also. What about rings? Cuffs? Earrings. Yes. Yes. And…yes. With so much to choose from on the site, I can see that there is something for everybody on the site. Especially for the mom in your life. Get her in front of the computer today. Let her choose her jewellery of choice. Place the order. Before you know it…your treasure will arrive. You will have a very happy mom! Plus high quality jewellery and prices that won’t break your wallet. Win. Win.

If you read MLB reports, then you love baseball. You can spoil mom, but you can also go ahead and spoil yourself. Support your team or your general love of baseball in style. Marla Barfield style. The next time I am at a baseball game, I will proudly sporting my Tigers necklace. When I get a compliment and question of where I got it, my answer will be simple. Ooh La La Baby. Ooh La La. Thank you Marla Barfield. You have increased my baseball swag and style greatly. Now it’s time  for me to shop for the moms and baseball fans in my life and spread the Ooh La La style.

About Marla Barfield and Ooh La La Gems:

Ooh La La  is focused on providing quality jewelry and design as well as customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Wearing jewelry is very personal so why not stand out in the crowd? Want a custom piece? No problem!!  Just send us an email or give us a call and we will come up with a design just for you.

 Ooh La La uses only quality products, semi precious stones, as well as sterling silver unless other wise specified. Gold and  white gold are available for custom pieces. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our products!! Take a look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. To learn about Ooh La La Gems, you can visit their website. Also become a fan  of Ooh La La Gems and follow Marla Barfield on Twitter (@OohLaLaGems)

Jonathan Hacohen is the Founder & Lead Baseball Columnist for MLB reports:  You can follow Jonathan on Twitter (@JHacohen)

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