The New York Yankees Are Getting Old

Thursday May 10, 2012

Ryan Ritchey: The beloved New York Yankees that everyone knows are getting older and starting to not make that much of an impact. One of the many has already retired, Jorge Posada. Posada ran the team from behind the dish for 15 years and did a very good job at what he did. The Yankees didn’t ask him to be an offensive power (although he certainly had a strong bat for a catcher). Posada was told to focus on his defense and he did just that.  It wasn’t that he didn’t hit the ball that great, it was just defense came first for him. Calling games from behind the plate isn’t easy, especially in front of the whole city of New York. Posada had a lot of pressure on him calling the games in 5 World Series Championships. With Posada ending his career: Jeter, Rivera, and A-Rod are not far behind.

As everyone in the baseball world should know by now, Mariano Rivera has a torn ACL and will be out for the rest of the 2012 season. While going in for a check up something else was found. Rivera has a blood clot in his left calf. Rivera was put on a blood thinner and everything should be back to normal soon with that. As soon as the injury occurred he came out and said he was not finished, that he wouldn’t go out like that.

With Mariano being out for the rest of the season the Yankees have to find a new closer. The Yankees have gone with David Robertson for right now as they see who works best. Last night didn’t work out as well as they thought as Robertson blew the save against the Rays giving up a 3-run home run to Matt Joyce. Robertson has no closing experience which is why I believe this will not work out and he will start getting booed by the Yankee faithful if he doesn’t perform.

The best fix in my opinion is Rafael Soriano. Soriano has closing experience from Tampa Bay and can get the job done in New York. With moving Robertson to the 9th inning for the first time in his career he is going to be shaky many times on the mound. The 9th inning has a way of doing that to relievers. Last night could have been the first of many blown saves for Robertson and that is not what the Yankees need when they get good starting pitching.

Derek Jeter at 38 is having one of the best seasons by a Yankee offensively EVER!! He is the first hitter in Yankee history to have 50 hits in the first 30 games of a season. Jeter is hitting .388 with 5 homers and 15 RBI. Every hitter gets into a slump every once in a while, so Jeter won’t keep these kinds of stats all season long. But it is great to see a bounce back season by Jeter if you are a Yankees fan. After an alright season for Jeter last year (that included him only hitting .297 with 162 hits and wanting the big contract), Jeter has come out this season showing he deserved it.

The Yankees are in a lot better shape than the Red Sox are right now. The Yankees- if they find a closer that can consistently close games, are on their way to the playoffs in 2012. I don’t see them winning the division but I do see them winning the top Wild Card in the American League. Girardi is doing a great job with a team full of talent, whereas Bobby Valentine is not. All of New York will be excited in October to see the Yankees go after number 28. Sure the Yankees are getting on in years and will slowly see the changing of the guard. But at least for one more year, this team has the horses to make a serious playoff run. With Andy Pettitte about to join the team this weekend, the Yankees are about to get better…and even older.

Ryan Ritchey is a Baseball Writer for MLB reports. I am a high school senior, play second base and plan on studying sports journalism in college. I am a huge fan of Barry Larkin and Brandon Phillips. Have been a baseball fan my whole life and have been writing about baseball since freshman year. You can reach me on Twitter (@Ryan13Ritchey)

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