Eric Young Jr. Interview: The Latest Haley Smilow Feature!

Thursday April 5th, 2012

Haley Smilow (Guest Writer): You might say Eric Young Jr. has baseball in his blood. Growing up he became acquainted with the game early by watching his father, Eric Young Sr., play for the Dodgers, Rockies, Blue Jays, and Cubs, among other teams. Eric Young Jr. (or EY2., as he is known) was a multi-sport athlete in high school, but ultimately decided to pursue baseball. He played one year of college ball at Chandler Gilbert Community College before following in his father’s footsteps and being drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 30th round of the 2003 draft. EY2 steadily worked his way through the minor leagues, posting solid batting averages at every level and catching the eyes of the Rockies’ front office, which resulted in his major league debut in 2009. In 158 career major league games EY2 has posted a line of .246/.324/.295 and spent time playing second base and patrolling the outfield. This year the 26-year old will again look to provide the Rockies with production off the bench.

Reporter Haley Smilow recently had a chance to chat with Eric Young Jr., and discovered his favorite foods, his go-to songs on his iPod, and what it means to him to share so many baseball memories with his father.

At what age did you start playing baseball? And did you eventually end up playing in a travel league?

I started playing at age 7. I played travel league (summer) from ages 9-12.

Who was your favorite team growing up?  And other than your father, who were some of the players that you looked up to as a kid?

Favorite team growing up was whichever team my dad was on. I was a big Ken Griffey Jr fan growing up.

When you are up to bat what is your theme song?

I’m going with Drake “Headlines” this season, and maybe the Bernie. Still debating on that one.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Colorado?  And what is your favorite food?

I love Tokyo Joe’s. I love teriyaki!

Name 5 songs in your Ipod right now that you have on repeat?

Drake-Headlines, Pitbull-International love, TPain-Turn all the lights on, Flo Rida-Good Feeling, Lloyd-Be the One.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before and during a game?  Can you give me an example?

I try to eat healthy before a game, usually oatmeal. Music headphones on a bunch.

What do you do during the off-season?

Try to get enough rest before getting back to training, and visit my family members.

Refuse 2 Be Ignored is one of your slogans. Can you explain what it means to you.

It means embrace all/any of your talents. Refuse to ignore what your good at/makes you special to the world in your own right. I just love to encourage people to find what their gift is to the world.

You and your father hold a historical moment with the Rockies organization; can you tell use about it?

We have a few. His opening home run in Denver, my debut in ’09, our playing against each other in spring training. It’s all been a blessing to our family.

At the 2012 Winter Meetings your name came up in several trade possibilities including the Mets, Tigers and Mariners, if you could play for any team who would it be?

I just want to play and utilize my abilities to my max potential. It doesn’t matter where.

What trade or free agent player signing will have the biggest effect on their teams chances of making it to World Series?

You never know before the season starts. You have to see how the teams gel together when they get new personalities to a team.

Four of the fastest men currently in MLB – EYjr, Brett Gardner, Michael Bourn and Carl Crawford who is the fastest?

You always have to believe in yourself, so I’m saying me. All those names can fly though. I enjoy watching all those other names play the game of baseball.

If you were not playing baseball, what else could you see yourself doing?

I can see myself as a barber.

Any reason for number 1?

Number 1 was my original number when I was 7 years old.

Do you have any other nicknames then Base Burner or EY2?

Lil EY

What was the difference playing winter ball in Hawaii and Venezuela?

Hawaii is a state and Venezuela is another country. The difference in cultures is the biggest difference.

What advice would you give to the young readers?

Find what you’re special at and embrace it. I love to play ball and cut hair…so I’m giving it all I have.

Intro by: Robbie Clark of Yanks Go Yard

Interview by: Haley Smilow

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  1. Goooo Haley!!!! She is so smart and talented!!!! What a great interview! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see that even at a young age Haley Smilow has used her passion, love for baseball and talent to bring a fresh insite to the sport. Through the eyes of a little girl her interviews have made her the best sports reporter for young and old. Giving us a true look at the game by showing us who the players are. I wish her the best and continued success in her journalism. Keep doing your thing kiddo 🙂

  3. Congratulations Haley, I am so proud of you. This interview was really fun and you asked great questions the both kids and adults would like to know the answers to. Keep up the good work.


    Special thank you to Jonathan Hacohen and MLB Reports for supporting my young journalist. Thank you to Robbie Clark for writing a great intro for the interview and a very special Thank you to Eric Young Jr.

  4. Ms. Haley,

    What an excellent job! It’s so nice to see some “real” questions asked in an interview. I hope you keep up this great work and go on to be the next big journalist in sports. You & your family must be very proud.

    Keep Rockin’

    DJ Whiplash
    Houston, TX

  5. GO Haley May lol! Congrats from down south! Keep it up!
    Tomosunas’s Wilmington NC

  6. Wow! Nice job Haley!

  7. Wow Haley!

    I am totally amazed and definitely impressed! You’ve done such an awesome job. Great questions by the way! You are and will most definitely be one of the greatest leaders in our future. Your brilliance and passion displays it perfectly and boldly. keep up the great work Haley, and know that anything you put your mind to, you will win and be a great success in it. So proud of you! Take care Haley, and keep your eyes focused on the stars.

  8. Great interview! I enjoyed reading it!

  9. This is awesome.. So proud of you and its refreshing to see young talent..
    Chicago, il

  10. Great job as usual Haley! 🙂

  11. Haley amazes me every time!! Her passion is motivating & I loved how well she conducted this interview. If I wasn’t aware of her age, I would have never known it was a child.

    Haley is one of a kind!! =)

  12. This is an awesome interview Haley! Keep it up!!! 🙂

  13. haley’s interview shows wisdom and insight well beyond her years. if adults could handle their journalistic opportunities with the same aplomb that this young person has, the public would certainly benefit. hail haley!

  14. Great Interview Haley!!! Such impressive questions!! Keep up the great work!!

    Mr. Yellin

  15. Travis McElvain

    Good job Hayley! Great interview!

  16. Pat Fitzgerald

    Fantastic interview Haley…love the historical moment question…keep up the great work!
    -Coach Pat

  17. Great Interview Haley!!! Your questions just keep getting better. All of your fellow Gators are very proud of you!!!!

  18. Wow, Haley! I’m so proud of your hard work and amazing writing. I can’t wait to read the next interview! Keep it up! xx Ms. Bermel 🙂

  19. Way to go Haley! Great interview. You and your family are the #1 baseball fans in the world!

  20. WOW Haley your doing big things Go Haley!!!!!
    ((((Team Haley))))

  21. Congradulations n great job to H.S…
    So much talent at a young age..
    Who knows what’s next for her in he bright future,great words,great interviews,great family
    And great expectations are expected n the future from this little lady
    May ur blessings continue for u and ur family
    I know mark n jill are so proud of u..
    Such talent…. Great great look
    Plz keep up the good work
    I’m so impressed but far from shocked..
    After all she is a smilow….Peace n love..
    Keep moving forward… Super great job.

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