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2011 MLB Playoffs: ALDS Day One Recap

Saturday October 1, 2011

Sam Evans (Intern – MLB reports):  Going into the day, the opening day of playoffs had some pretty high expectations to live up to.  While the games weren’t as electrifying as the last day of the season, it was pretty fun to finally watch some high pressure postseason baseball.  Here is a recap of what happened today:


Tampa Bay Rays vs.  Texas Rangers:  ALDS Game One

The Rays came into this game with energy and by most accounts, the number three rated prospect in all of baseball taking the mound.  Perhaps the most emotional part of the game was the first pitch thrown out by Cooper Stone.  Cooper’s dad Shannon was killed after falling while trying to catch a foul ball.  The game started in pleasant 80 degree weather in Arlington with a stadium filled with fans wearing Rangers colors.  After the Rays had scored six runs in the first three innings, it became obvious that the Rangers would need to rely on their offense.  This is something they’ve done all year, but Matt Moore proved to be too much for the Texas sluggers.  He was so dominant that in the sixth inning Josh Hamilton, of all people, tried to bunt for a hit (his effort was unsuccessful).  Moore pitched seven scoreless innings while allowing only two hits.  Talk about impressive.  Matt Moore is only twenty-two years, and this was only his second start in the majors (fourth appearance).  If the Rays thought they could hide Moore in the minors for a few months next year, now it seems next to impossible.  To have such a big time performance in front of the whole country will be something that will stay with him forever.  (Another thing that will stay with him forever is his extremely bushy eyebrows, but that’s a different story for another time.)  The Rays other hero was Kelly Shoppach, the thirty-one year old backup catcher.  Shoppach went 3 for 5 with 5 RBI and 2 homers.  That’s pretty impressive considering he batted .176 with 11 HR on the season.  When asked after the game about Matt Moore, Shoppach had this to say, “His nameplate said Matt Moore and I said, ‘Who is Matt Moore?’ … Nobody will forget his name now.”  This game wasn’t a thriller but it showed how many different players on a given day have to contribute in order for the Rays to have success.

Result:  Rays win 9-0 to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers:  ALDS Game One

This game started off with Delmon Young going deep off C.C. Sabathia to right field.  The ball carried just inches over Nick Swisher’s glove and gave the Tigers an early lead.  However, the Yankees battled back to score in the bottom of the first.  After that, the rain started.   This is becoming a trend for postseason baseball and it’s not good for the game at all.  In my opinion, Bud Selig should shorten the season or start spring training earlier in order to avoid this in the future.  Nobody enjoys watching how weather affects the game.  We just want to see the best players square off against each other.  Anyways, the rain kept coming until at fifteen minutes past 11PM in New York, the umpires decided to suspend the game.  Since this is the postseason, that means that the current score, outs, strikes, etc. will be delayed until Saturday at 8:37PM ET.  The only real bummer is that Sabathia and Justin Verlander won’t be able to finish their matchup.  Sabathia wants to pitch tomorrow but I think that’s doubtful and a bad idea no matter how thin the Yankees rotation is.  According to Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch, Ivan Nova is likely to get the start tomorrow.  So if that is true the “starters” will be Nova for New York, and Doug Fister for Detroit.  Fister is 8-1 with a 1.79 ERA since being traded to Detroit, so he will provide a challenge for the Yankees offense.  It should be a fun game to watch, providing the rain holds up.

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Ian Kadish MLB Guest Blog: Part 1 – Recap of My 2011 Season

Friday September 30, 2011

MLB reports:  We welcome back Blue Jays prospect Ian Kadish to MLB reports.  The right-handed pitcher pitched for the Bluefield Blue Jays in the Rookie Appalachian League in 2011.  With a 2-3 record, 7 saves, 2.67 ERA, 1.154 WHIP, and 11/35 BB/K, the 23-year-old Kadish showed some very strong numbers pitching in the pen in his first professional season.  With a bright baseball future ahead, we are proud to announce that Ian has agreed to become a regular MLB Guest Blogger on the Reports, describing his baseball journey for our readers.  In his own words, we present part 1 of 2 of our featured guest blog of Ian Kadish, the recap of his 2011 season:


Ian Kadish (Guest MLB Blogger):  So MLB Reports asked me to do another blog entry because there was good feedback on the first one.  This will be a 2-part entry, the first part looking back at my 2011 season and how it went and the second part will be about what my offseason will consist of and my expectations for 2012.

Part 1 – A Look Back at the 2011 Season

In my opinion, the 2011 season had its ups and downs as well a learning curve, both personally and as a team.  The Bluefield team made a great first impression and was a big hit (no pun intended).  It was the Blue Jays first year in Bluefield after a 52 year existence of the Baltimore Oriole organization.  We surely set the bar high for next year’s team.  From what everybody said, the Oriole’s didn’t win much in Bluefield and the fans didn’t show much support because they weren’t winning.  We brought a Division Championship to Bluefield in our first year, which the fans were ecstatic about, but what surprised the team was how into the Bluefield/Princeton rivalry the fans were.  I’m telling you, these fans went nuts when we played the Princeton Rays.  They sold out the stadium every game of the series because of the close proximity of the two teams (only about 15 minutes).  The rivalry was for the Mercer Cup.  It’s called the Mercer Cup because the two teams are located in Mercer County.  The Blue Jays won the Mercer Cup this year and I honestly think the fans were happier we won the Mercer Cup rather than the Division Championship!  Princeton had won the Mercer Cup the past several years and it’s about time it’s back in Bluefield.  We made it all the way to the League Championship vs. the Johnson City Cardinals, but came up just short.  They won the best of 3 series to capture their second league championship in a row.

The team was a great group of guys.  Everybody got along and a big reason why we were so successful was due to our chemistry.  Everybody pushed one another and everybody picked each other up.  We played as a team, just how our manager wanted us to play.  He always said to put aside your personal goals and go after the team goals and your personal goals will follow.  Our coaching staff was just as great.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned from my manager.  He taught me not only on the field, but off the field.  I actually have a notebook full of quotes he said and lessons he would teach the team throughout the season.  Now that I think of it, I still owe him a Marshall University clock and Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce (Montgomery Inn is a world-famous rib place in Cincinnati with the BEST barbecue sauce in the history of all barbecue sauces).  He loves collecting clocks and has a great amount of them hanging in the locker room.  I owe him a Marshall University one because I came into the locker room one day and saw a WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY clock hanging from a wall.  Marshall and West Virginia are HUGE rivals and it’s either one or the other…he told me if I got him a Marshall clock he would get rid of the West Virginia clock.

I could go on and on with the stories, but overall the season was a successful one, and one that made me want more…Now that it’s the offseason, I can concentrate on what I need to improve on and prepare for a strong Spring Training and 2012 season…

Up Next:  Part 2 – Offseason and Expectations for 2012




Thank you to Ian Kadish for preparing today’s MLB Guest Blog.  Please feel free to contact Ian on Twitter (@BearJew36)  or through his website (http://livinginthelifeofian.blogspot.com) for comments and questions.   We also thank Ian for sharing the photographs used in today’s feature from his own private collection. 


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