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Defensive Shift Limits Is the Biggest MLB Rule Change

Review of the New 2023 MLB Rule Changes | Chapter 45

Changes are an inevitable reality of life, and Major League Baseball is no different! For the 2023 season, MLB is introducing the Pitch timer, Defensive Shift Limits and Bigger Bases. Steve Karsay, former MLB pitcher and coach, analyzes the upcoming changes and the likely effect they will have on the game.

2023 Atlanta Braves Looks Strong

Will the 2023 World Series Champion Come From the NL East? | Chapter 44

After a very active offseason, the Braves, Mets and Phillies are prepared for a battle to win the 2023 NL East Crown and possibly the World Series. Trea Turner signed with Philadelphia, Justin Verlander is a New York Met, and Sean Murphy got traded to Atlanta. Steve Karsay and Jonathan analyze each team’s moves and predict who will come out on top!

Why Scott Rolen Was Elected to Cooperstown

Scott Rolen 2023 HOF Election & Predicting 2024 Cooperstown Inductees | Chapter 43

Scott Rolen is headed to Cooperstown in 2023, but why did he make the grade? Today we look at the 2023 MLB HOF vote totals and who fell off the ballot. Looking at the numbers, Bobby Abreu compares very strongly to Tony Gwynn and deserves HOF consideration, plus looking ahead to 2024 and whether Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer, Chase Utley, David Wright and Matt Holliday should be voted in.

Lefty Pitchers Don’t Need a Knuckleball

Tommy John Surgery and Throwing Knuckleballs Is Not Always the Answer | Chapter 42

Jim Morris and Steve Karsay discuss the pros and cons of Tommy John Surgery and the misconceptions of throwing the knuckleball! Find out why there have been hardly any lefty knuckleball pitchers ever in baseball and the reasons why you must always have a Plan B in your life plan!

Meeting Wade Boggs, Jose Canseco and Fred McGriff

I Made My MLB Debut at 35 Years Old | Chapter 41

Jim Morris is back on The Chosen Journey as he shares his stories and thoughts of making it all the way from teaching high school baseball to playing Major League Baseball with Tampa at the tender age of 35 years old!

Baseball Humbles You Very Quickly

The Story of Jim “The Rookie” Morris | Chapter 40

The Jim Morris story was told in the Disney movie The Rookie, and Jim Morris is the author of two books, including his newest release, Dream Makers! Jim Morris joins Steve Karsay and The Chosen Lawyer to discuss his Chosen Journey, from the football field and baseball diamond, teaching high school and what it took to achieve his dream and play Major League Baseball – Get ready to be inspired!

Is It Worth It Signing Players With Injury History

Why Dodgers Kept Julio Urias OVER Trevor Bauer

Updates on Which MLB Teams Carlos Correa and Trevor Bauer Will Play For in 2023 | Chapter 39

Unreal MLB developments come down the pipeline during the holiday season as Carlos Correa appears to be headed now to the New York Mets, and Trevor Bauer has been reinstated for the 2023 season: Will he pitch ever again?  Steve Karsay and the Chosen Lawyer analyze what transpired with Correa and the Giants and Mets, plus whether Bauer will pitch in Dodger Blue or for any team again in the future!

Risky MLB Signings From Japan

MLB Free Agent Signings Analysis Aaron Judge, Carlos Rodon, and Many More! | Chapter 38

Steve Karsay and the Chosen Lawyer analyze many of the huge MLB Free Agent signings, from Chris Bassitt to the Blue Jays, Carlos Rodon gets 6  years from the Yankees and Aaron Judge gets 9 years, Sean Manaea and Ross Stripling to the Giants, the Red Sox sign Keley Jansen and Mastaka Yoshida, Taillon and Bellinger to the Cubs, Josh Bell to the Guardians and Jose Abreu signs in Houston!⠀

Carlos Delgaldo Has HOF Worthy Stats

Carlos Delgaldo Ready for Cooperstown Induction | Chapter 37

A huge congratulations to Fred McGriff for the announcement that he will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown in 2023!  The talk now turns to the debate of whether Carlos Delgaldo will receive his HOF consideration as his numbers mirror those of McGriff and whether Delgaldo will receive his plaque one day!⠀

Take the SURE Money

Review NL MLB Award Winners 2022 | Chapter 36

We are back this week with the NL Award Winners in 2022, including Paul Goldschmidt MVP, Sandy Alcántara Cy Young, Buck Showalter Manager of the Year and Michael Harris II ROY and some very close votes in the National League and breaking down the other candidates in the voting mix this year.

Justin Verlander Was the BEST Pitcher in 2022

Aaron Judge Deserved the 2022 AL MVP Award

Review AL MLB Award Winners 2022 | Chapter 35

Aaron Judge beat out Shohei Ohtani for AL MVP and whether it was deserved, plus congratulations to Justin Verlander for winning the AL Cy Young Award, Terry Francona AL Manager of the Year and Julio Rodriguez as the AL Rookie of the Year and whether the baseball writers got these awards right.

Cooperstown Should Take Politics Out of HOF Voting

MLB Hot Stove and HOF Analysis | Chapter 34

Steve Karsay and the Chosen Lawyer analyze the 2023 candidates for enshrinement into Cooperstown, the MLB hot stove talk around the biggest free agents, including Aaron Judge, Justin Verlander and Jacob deGrom and making sense of Alek Manoah, calling out Gerrit Cole as the worst cheater in baseball history!

How MLB Agents Get Their Clients BIG Contracts

Aaron Boone & Brian Cashman Return to the Yankees | Chapter 33

Checking in on the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman as GM and Aaron Boone as Manager will be BACK in 2023. Was this the right call, and what can they do to right the ship? Find out the story and whether the Yankees will be better next year. Also, tune in to see where we predict the next Jacob deGrom contract and how much he will earn on his next big deal.⠀

David Stearns NEEDS Permission to Join the Mets

David Stearns Departs the Brewers | Chapter 32

Steve Karsay and David Stearns have a close relationship. Stearns interviewed and hired Steve as the Bullpen Coach for the Brewers in the 2019 season. After Steve departed before the 2022 season to spend time with his family, David Stearns has chosen to step down as the President of Baseball Operations for the Milwaukee Brewers at the end of this past season. Is David Stearns ready to join the Mets front office one day?

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