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The Red Sox Are Spending All That Cash Without Acquiring Pitching!

Tuesday December 11, 2012


Kyle Holland (MLB Reports Intern):

The summer of 2012 was by far the Red Sox worst in recent memory. Hiring Bobby Valentine might have turned out to be the Red Sox front office’s worst decision within the last 20 years. It was probably a worst decision than signing Carl Crawford for seven years and $142 Million. The Sox have decided during the 2012-13 offseason that they would dish out some money to spend again. Their only problem? They are not spending any money on what they really need, pitching.

They drove through 9 starting pitchers throughout the 2012 campaign and their ERA leader had a 4.56 ERA. That’s not a very good ERA for a team leader. The same man, Clay Buchholz , also led the team with 11 wins. Also not amazing for a team leader. Read the rest of this entry

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