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‘BBA Live’ Podcast Enters Season #2: MLB Reports Welcomes Them To Our Site

Ricky Keeler and AC Wayne host the flagship podcast of the BBBA!

Ricky Keeler  and AC Wayne  host the flagship podcast of the BBBA!

Ricky Keeler

& AC Wayne

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Note from Chuck Booth:  Welcome to the BBBA flagship podcast. As the President of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I am bringing you quality audio and written work from our members to the MLB Reports. 

‘BBA Live’ will be posted on our site on a regular basis.  I encourage you to listen to this show. 

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BBA Live! is entering its second season. Listen in as AC Wayne is again joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats).

Tonight, we’ll showcase the AL East as well as all the latest news and headlines throughout the league. Tentatively scheduled, special guest: Rich Rivera of Mets Public Record.

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A casual look at Major League Baseball and The New York Mets. Call-in When we are live! #347-326-9300

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