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Kris Bryant Can Only Look To Himself Why He May Not Be On The Opening Day Roster

Kris Bryant is about as sure of a prospect there has been in the last 5 years.  Will the Cubs let him start the year in 2015, or will they send him down until the end of April to save service time.  All you need to know about the franchises desire to win it all this campaign may be based on this decision.  The young slugger had 40 HRs in the Minor League's last year.

Kris Bryant is about as sure of a prospect there has been in the last 5 years. Will the Cubs let him start the year in 2015, or will they send him down until the middle of April to save service time?. The young slugger had 43 HRs in the Minor League’s last year – and has also smacked 6 big fly’s in Spring Training so far.  But there are things to suggest that starting him off in the Minors is not such a bad idea.  The 23 Year Old is not the slickest fielder, has already experienced shoulder fatigue, and the team will play its 1st 9 games in cold weather too. (Hosting 6 games at home, and playing the other 3 in Coors Field.)  But really. he might have sealed  his fate for the opener by having Scott Boras as his agent.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer)

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So the talks continue to mount on the Kris Bryant Opening Day watch.  With each passing day he hits a HR, or shows himself ready for the big leagues, the question will become even more serious.  But if he is ultimately not pulled up to Wrigley Field on Sunday Apr.5th vs Division Rival Cards, he has no one to blame by himself.

By having Scott Boras as his Agent, it has pretty much implanted in the Cubs brass, that the prize prospect will never sign an extension, and when his service time has him approaching Free Agency, he will indeed hit the open market and look for the top bidder.

I don’t even blame Boras for this.  He is a phenomenal representative of his players, and always seems to get the max dollar for the highest percentage of the time compared to other agents.

Perhaps it will serve as a deterrent to future awesome young studs, that Boras has been sticking it to team owners for years.  Maybe they should opt for a different agent, as this man has shown his playing cards on too many occasions.  The executives all know Boras will lead his client to the open market.

Even having said this, if the man was not under the direction of the Boras Corporation, the Cubs should not start the clock on him anyway.  The talk of the Cubs contending in 2015 is much over-hyped in my view. Read the rest of this entry


Major League: Revisiting One of the Greatest Baseball Movies of All Time

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Thursday January 3rd, 2013

Larry Myers (Guest Writer): 

This is my first (and hopefully not my last) article on the MLB Reports. Growing up as an Indians fan and also a fan of movies, I have always wanted to write a baseball article. One day I was chatting with Jonathan Hacohen (Founder of MLB Reports), about baseball movies. He told me to write something about it, so here I am. Major league the movie changed my life and many others. It is a timeless classic that deserves to be revisited again today.  

1989 was a very good year for me and many other people, as two great baseball movies came out that year. Once was the classic Field Of Dreams with Kevin Costner. Then there was that other movie, Major League. Being a lifetime Cleveland Indians fan, I had to go see this movie when it first came out. I wasn’t expecting too much considering the cast and the plot of the movie. This was the type of movie that critics hated, but fans of baseball would love. I felt that it would turn out to be a cult classic, which it has.  After seeing the movie for the first time, I consider Major League one of the finest baseball comedies of all time. Plus, it does have a great cast.

*This Clip Contains Swearing and Other Mature Content, Parental Guidance Is Advised*

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