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Red Sox 2013 Draft Recap

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Monday, June.10/2013

A look into the Red Sox Draft Room

A look into the Red Sox Draft Room. The Red Sox were aggressive in drafting the best talent they could, and trying to get their bonus pool to lineup in order to sign some of this talent, but how much will they be able to actually sign? Some people also say they might have reached on 1st pick Trey Ball as he was considered by many as more of a middle 1st round talent, but if you believe in a player you have to take him where you are. There is no trading draft picks like in other sports. I think their best pick was Jon Denney, but they really did have a great all-around draft in my opinion.

By Ryan Dana (MLB Reports Writer and Red Sox Correspondent): 

The First-Year Player Draft in the MLB (also known as the “Rule 4 Draft”) can make or break organizations. Drafting well will provide sustainability for even the smallest market teams, but drafting poorly could leave any team in a drought of epic proportions.

The Red Sox have had some good and some bad picks in recent drafts, but the 2011 draft was the end of the draft as we previously knew it. 2012 was the 1st year of a new draft system.

So before I get into the 2013 draft I want to talk a little about the Red Sox 2012 draft because not only is that draft over, but the signing period is over and the prospects are all in the Minors developing, so you can see a team’s strategy and how is working out so far.

I won’t get too into the rules of the new system because that could warrant a whole article itself, but feel free to ask any questions about it that you have and I will answer. I’m easy to get a hold of via twitter usually.

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