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An American Hobby: Baseball Memorabilia – Nap Lajoie’s 1933 Goudey Gum Card

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Saturday, April.13, 2013

Nap Lajoie

Nap Lajoie

By Lee Edelstein (‘Baseball Memorabilia Enthusiast’ – visit his website here)

MLB Reports:  We are pleased to present you with Baseball Author Lee Edelstein as the newest writer with us at the Reports.  Lee will be providing us with great stories about baseball memorabilia on a regular basis.

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Nap Lajoie

Napolean Lajoie’s career spanned twenty-one years, 1896-1916. He hit over .350 in ten of those seasons (.421 in 1901) and wound up #18 All-time with a lifetime Batting Average of .338.

Lajoie is #14 in hits with 3,243 and, for you sabremetric fans, he is #17 in Career WAR. Lajoie was considered to be the consummate Infielder of his day. He was the first Second Baseman inducted into the Hall of Fame.

For much of his career, Lajoie’s primary challenger for best hitter in the American League was Ty Cobb. Their rivalry peaked in 1910 when Hugh Chalmers of the Chalmers Automobile Company announced he would give one of his new Model 30 automobiles to the batting champions of the National and American Leagues.

This was a heady and unusual offer. In that era, newspapers paid scant attention to individual records and players who ballyhooed their accomplishments were unpopular with their teammates.

Nap Lajoie and the Top 10 Hitters Of ALL – Time:

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