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Notable Performances from the Dominican Winter League

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

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Sam Evans (Baseball Writer): 

The Dominican Winter League had much more talent this offseason than in recent years. From Oscar Taveras to Miguel Tejada, some of the best baseball the DWL has ever seen was played this winter. In particular, four players have made this year’s DWL class a lot of fun. Hector Luna and Bartolo Colon are both MLB veterans trying to prove to their individual teams what they are capable of. Oscar Taveras and Miguel Sano, two of the top prospects in the minors, are trying to make it clear to the scouting world that they are destined for success. These four players provided numerous highlights and were essential to their team’s success during the DWL Regular Season. 

Oscar Taveras Highlights from 2012  – Mature Content so Parental Guidance is advised

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