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Ross Detwiler And 1st Pitch Strikes

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Thursday, February. 28/2013

Detwiler was 10-8 with a 3.40 ERA during his 27 Games Started in 2012.

Detwiler was 10-8 – with a 3.40 ERA during his 27 Games Started in 2012.

By David Huzzard (Nationals Correspondent via Citizens of – view website here): 

After making his Spring Training debut yesterday Ross Detwiler was asked what he wanted to improve upon in 2013 and his answer was first pitch strikes. Detwiler said this, but he isn’t a non-strike thrower. He is around league average in that category with 62% first pitch strikes compared to a league average of 60% and an overall Strike Percentage of 64% compared to a league average of 63%. As a strike thrower Detwiler is right around league average,  if he has a flaw – it is that he doesn’t strike many batters out. ​

For his career Detwiler strikes out 14.4% of the batters he faces – and has walked 8.3%. Both of those numbers improved in 2012 – as his Strikeout Percentage rose to 15.3% and Walk Percentage fell to 7.6%, but Detwiler would like to improve that even further and getting ahead of hitters is one easy way to do that. Detwiler was around league average in most control categories, but he is a below average strikeout pitcher. He is an above average ground ball pitcher with 50.8% ground ball rate in 2012. This number is up from his overall career average and the reason for that is Detwiler has started to rely on his sinker.  

Rob Dibble interviews Ross Detwiler from a few years back:

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