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Baseball Movie Review: Caught – Life Playing Out on the Softball Field

Thursday April 26, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen: For those of us that live the game of baseball, we know that baseball becomes part of many facets of our existence. Aside from watching baseball, we talk about it, debate it, read about it and think about it. Baseball consumes us pretty much 24/7…and we wouldn’t have it any other way! But to become “well-rounded” baseball aficionados, many fans read baseball books and watch baseball movies. I have spent many hours talking to our readers about their favorite baseball books and movies of all-time. While I have reviewed many baseball books for you, I have not actually had the pleasure of reviewing a baseball film. Until today. Featured on MLB reports, I am proud to present our first Baseball Movie Review. Starring Lori Martini, the film is called “Caught”. 

Caught is not your typical “feel good” baseball movie. Definitely not a cookie-cutter film. It is a short film…but man, it packs a strong punch. I won’t ruin the film for you by giving away the story. But I will say that I loved the use of baseball as a focal point in the storyline of this film. For the young girl Hannah (played by Lori Martini), her life is a troubled one. With a difficult family life centered around her troubled mother and brother, her ultimate refuge is the diamond. Behind the plate as a catcher, she is safe. Nobody can harm her there. For many ball fans, either as players and/or spectators, we can relate to the effect that the game has on our own lives. Baseball is ultimately an escape. Our sanctuary. Where the troubles in our lives can’t hurt us. That message really hit home for me watching Caught and I can see how many baseball fans will feel the same connection in watching life through Hannah’s life.

I have to admit that I was blown away by Martini’s performance in the film. Not only is she a songwriter, but she also wrote and co-produced the film. This talented young lady played many roles in helping Caught make it to the big screen. The script was strong, with well written dialogue and flow to the film. But ultimately, it was Martini’s presence on the screen that won me over. She has a powerful presence. While Martini had a strong supporting cast around her, the film is driven through her character. I felt Hannah’s words as she spoke. A good actor/actress lives the role that they play. They are not acting- rather, they are the person they are playing. In Caught, Martini was Hannah. She was that rough and tough catcher behind the plate. She was that girl who loved to play baseball and always gave it her all. On the field and in life. No matter how hard things became around her, Hannah battled. Much like Martini in real life. 

Keep an eye on to find out when Caught will be featured in a movie theatre near you. If you get the chance to watch it, I highly suggest you do so. Life is not always about perfect Hollywood endings. Life can be hard. For an escape into a dramatic life that plays out on the softball field, watch Catch. Martini was named Best Actress in the 2011 Staten Island Film Festival for a reason. This lady loves baseball with every ounce of her being. Now get ready to watch her baseball masterpiece with your own eyes.


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