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Baseball Book Review: My Ballpark Summer: What Taking Myself Out To The Ballgame Taught Me – By Alicia Barnhart

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I don’t read many baseball books, heck, I have written more books in the last 6 years (3), than I have actually read (2).  This book I finished awhile back and is subject of today’s Book Review.

The book is called “My Ball Park Summer: What Taking Myself Out To The Ballgame Taught Me.”  It is authored by Alicia Barnhart.  You can follow her brilliant blog at

I first met Alicia online earlier this year and was impressed at her knowledge of the baseball parks.  After a few brief discussions, and following her on twitter , I realized she ventured to all 30 MLB Parks during the summer of 2012.  Coincidentally, this is the same year I broke my own record for ‘attending all 30 MLB Parks” in 23 days.

Miss Barnhart is among a small percentage of ballpark chasers that have actually seen all 30 parks in one year, and she is the only woman that I have ever seen to do them all by herself in one baseball campaign.

Why I was drawn to buying her book, is that I wrote a book “The Fastest Thirty Ballgames”  in chronicling my previous record trips (2008 and 2009) for 30 MLB Park tours in 2011.

Again, Alicia is part of a small percentage of people that have compiled a book based on her baseball journey to all of the baseball stadiums.

I purchased the E-Book format from Amazon (In the Kindle Reader).  The cost was $3, which itself lends to her motto of “Ballparks On A Budget”, and I started to read about her baseball quest.  It was such an intriguing read, I never finished reading it until I ran out of pages on my computer screen. Read the rest of this entry

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